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Thursday 17 November 2011

Guilty...Case Closed

I want you to take a good look at this guilty suspect. 
Yes...really guilty isn't she as you can see by the ears, they're right down flat to her head.
Always a sign of guilt and then there's that look!
Who would guess just by looking at her that she was a well pampered pooch, that had just had a lovely bath after our morning walk.

"Look Me Lord ~ we have the footprints as evidence"...

Yet more evidence...the grubby water after the second bath.

There's no question ~ she's guilty! Case closed.

Hmm....I'm not amused as you can imagine.
After our morning walk and her bath, I turned my back for a second to get on with my next job and this is what happened.
I'm not sure if she was digging in the garden but she was certainly filthy. 

Now you can see why I can't get to paint....but psst.... there's some news on that front...I don't want anyone else to know just yet, but there's a little paint landed on my silk.
Shhh...keep it to yourself for now
I'm away to try and carry on with it.
Hopefully there will be a post tomorrow to show you what's happening.
See you then.... ; D 


  1. She is such a cutie pie. We have one of those around here as well. Guilty paws are hard to hide! Good luck with your painting! I've been on fire myself lately. It's all I can do to drag myself away and back to reality! xxoo

  2. I've seen how much you're producing...you must be thrilled. They are so cute too.
    I remember when I used to paint everyday and I'd forget everything else. Wonderful times.
    I used to have a certain time of day allocated just to paint and it helped so much.
    I think I'll have to do that again.
    Good Luck for today ~ I'll be thinking of you ;D


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