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Monday 21 November 2011

Creative Memories.....

Wow, so that was the weekend then? Where did it go? Well I know...but it sure moves fast.
Its incredible that those two days can zip by quicker than the whole week put together.

On Saturday it was an exceptionally wet day and so I was pleased that I'd arranged to go with a friend to a creative memories workshop.

It turned out to be a little more than a workshop ~  more like a Christmas party really, with lots of like minded arty ladies all together to enjoy a few hours being creative.
I hadn't met anyone before {other than my friend of course} but all the girls made me feel so welcome, especially the organiser Diane.

The tables were set out full of paper, photographs, folders, files, stickers, cutters, and albums. Also a table full of raffle prizes too... whoohoo....although I wasn't lucky unfortunately with my tickets but then there were freebies.

We had a lovely lunch with drinks plus tea and coffee throughout the workshop, whenever anyone needed refreshments. That's always a winner in my book. You can't beat having a cuppa whenever there's a need and sometimes even when there's not.
Everyone was so busy working on their individual projects ~ which were all so varied and interesting to see.

I kept my poor little battered antique camera hidden in my bag especially when some of the girls produced their new cameras. But I did snap quickly these two shots to show what busy bee's we all were.

I worked on an old album that I'd made for my OH for our 25th Anniversary ~ "The Story so far....."
I did enclose an IOU at the time promising to finish it one day when I ran out of time before the anniversary date. Well, 25 years is a long time to document....that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
I had so much encouragement and help to get me started again. Trust me I needed it but I completed another four pages by the time I came away. Yay!

You could say my album is vintage too...and also the designs I used. I had to keep it similar to the earlier work which I completed about 8 years ago. I couldn't use the modern trendy designs because they just wouldn't match the earlier work.
Creative memories have such beautiful products its really easy to be swept away. Its a good job that my daughter didn't come with me ~ she would have been hyperventilating.

There's also the modern way of creating using the digital method which quite a few of the girls were doing.

As I mentioned they were a very friendly and supportive group especially having a new recruit in the camp. I heard all about a recent trip they had taken for a creative crafting weekend. They stayed at a seaside town location called Rye. Its about 83km south of Melbourne on the Mornington Peninsula.
The peninsula is extremely popular for getaways for swimmers, fisherman, yacthsmen and kite surfers, walkers, beachcombers, and artists or just anyone wanting a change of scenery out of the city. Its so perfect for a quick getaway. Certainly an inspiring location for getting the artistic juices flowing.

It seems to have everything....from high flying to solitary walks.....
with beautiful scenery too

By all accounts the group had a very productive fun stay especially visiting the local spa....well when a group of girls get together its a must isn't it? What better way to spend a few hours.
Here's a link of the house that the girls stayed in which by the feedback certainly ticked all their boxes.

Enjoy your Monday because before you know it ~ it'll be next Monday! ; D


  1. That looks like a great workshop Neesie! I love crafting, and have only ever been on one workshop. We made button bracelets. It was fun. I need to do it more often! xxoo

  2. Hi Marie,
    It was great to meet so many like minded woman. I really enjoyed it.
    Have a great week oxox


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