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Friday 25 November 2011

Floral Friday.....

I'm here again in a hurry today....so what's new I hear you say, but we're out to dinner tonight and I have to put on some slap and delve into the depths of my wardrobe, in the hope I can find something reasonable to wear. {Phewph...that could be a challenge on both counts}

I'm also in the middle of baking but I don't want to let the cat out of the bag just yet. Maybe I'll post the details tomorrow. I'm hoping that they (whoops ~ giving clues here) will look good enough to let you see. Fingers crossed.
I forgot yesterday....dah....what am I like? I should have enclosed another photo to show you what an Agapanthus looks like once it opens. That is if you don't already know.

So here it is...well nearly open.

There's also the white variety. I haven't seen any other colours only blue and white but there could be?
Here's miniature white ones around the base of a tree. As you can see they are only just opening up, but isn't it wonderful to see something that has taken all year to produce.
We need the absence to appreciate the appearance.

Everything seems to have a blue theme today....not in the moody melancholy way...Its that I've also noticed that the Jacaranda trees are flowering too. 

And then there's the beautiful male superb blue wren...

{Photo courtesy of Ian Thomas }

The brilliant blue of the bird is exquisite!
I saw one of these little chaps on my walk this morning but didn't have my camera with me. How Ian managed to get such a good shot is beyond me ~ they're so flighty.

Lastly I thought I'd let you see my flowering pots and an update on one of the Hanging Mangers....

If your in the rain or having a grey day these blooms showing off in the sunshine have to cheer you....surely?

Now I really must rush otherwise they'll be trouble....
Have a fantastic Friday ; D

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