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Tuesday 27 December 2011

....and Breath....sigh....

There's a quiet lull in events today {phewph} which seems to be just what is needed.

Christmas was a big success and everything proceeded to plan which was wonderful. No culinary catastrophes or dining disasters thankfully.
The weather added a further surprise ~ no scorching sun or high temperatures ~ but thunder and lightning with bucket loads of rain, which actually added to the Christmas mood. We flung open the French doors in the dining room as it was still humid and enjoyed the light show.
Although Muffin wasn’t too happy as you can imagine.
We may head out for breakfast before visiting a winery or a place of interest today.  But at the moment we’re just sitting here having a cuppa discussing the options.

I thought I'd let you see the front lounge parlour {as my OH call's it, possibly just to annoy me}
I didn't light the candles for the photo due to the sun streaming in through the window.

I’m very proud to report that we actually had some of our own produce on our Christmas plate.
Potatoes and carrots!

Here’s the initial unveiling...note my OH has to don his wellies (gumboots) before proceeding. It seems to help with the harvesting apparently  :-?

It's always a thrilling time with the uncertainty....will there be anything there to see and even more importantly anything edible?

I'm not sure that the huge fork is necessary but he's happy!

Look...whoohoo...there we have quite a good crop again.

I thought you might like to see a manger with a difference, as a little update.
Hasn't she done well....?

When I caught sight of Muffin’s reindeer toy this morning it made me wonder how many feel a little like it...he certainly looks like he’s over indulged.
As you can see by the state of it ~ much fun has been had...

That's it for today...need to get on....
still no final destination organised yet for today's outing but if we find somewhere that's interesting I'll take some photo's and post again soon.
Enjoy your day :D


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas Neesie. Your decorations are certainly beautiful. There is nothing so delicious as your own home grown vegetables! Not much of that here at this time of year! Mitzie used to have a toy just like that, but sadly, nothing stuffed or with rope lasts very long around her. She is called the decimator and takes her name seriously! xxoo

  2. Yes Marie, we did have a lovely Christmas thank you. I'm so thankful that we were able to spend it all together.
    Muffin has a few toys being the diva she is and some are like Mitzie's really worse for wear.

    I hope your Christmas was wonderful too. xoxo

  3. Your manger / aka hanging basket looks really beautiful. My garden has practically no colour in it at all just now - unless you count green and grey. Hope you found somewhere nice to visit. Christmas-time outings here are a bit restricted, since most things are shut (apart from the shops, hosting their blessed sales).

  4. Thanks Mark,
    The two baskets are really doing well, which I'm really pleased about. I did wonder if they'd be frazzled with the summer temperatures.

    It's a very strange time for the senses here because today the air was pungent with freshly cut grass, eucalyptus, and masses of floral aroma but it's Christmas! It definitely plays with your mind.
    By the sound of it my guess is that you're not a shopaholic then ;D

  5. The only thing I grew in my garden plot this year was potatoes, but not enough to last for Christmas dinner. i am so pleased that you had some home grown veg on your plate, makes a big difference.

    Wishing you a Happy New year and thanking you so much for your kind words and support for my blog in the past year.

  6. It was my pleasure Shaheen ~ thank you for stopping by :D
    I know you've had a very worrying time over the last few months so I wish you nothing but the best for a Happy 2012!


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