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Wednesday 14 December 2011

Take time to think....

I thought it might be time to stop and perhaps take a leaf out of Santa's book....

Not necessarily go surfing but to stop and sit awhile or better still to take a breather whilst out walking. Clear the chesticles, mind, soul and all that.
I can say that today because yesterday I finished dressing the tree and baked two batches of mincepies. Whoohoo ;D
So the weather was perfect this morning....sorry I don't mean to gloat but it was! The sun was shining  but it was cool, crisp and clear. So do you need a break from the festive fever.
Come on and I'll shall show you some things I saw on my route.....

Get the kettle on...sit down and take 5!

I'm surprised that this photo came out at all really because the fungi was sitting quite high up the tree and I had to capture it with my arms stretched up and on tipytoe. Not bad eh?

This Jacaranda was certainly enjoying the morning sunshine too.

I remember the first time I saw a jacaranda was in South Africa. I don't think I'd ever seen anything like it before. The street was lined on both sides giving a spectacular sight.

I thought this tree looked like a chap that had some comment to make as I passed but managed to hold back...or is that just me??? Eek...I must check my medication!

There was a bush bearing fruit but I'm not sure what it was...?

If anyone can shed some light on what it is...shout up....
here's a close up of the fruit to help...

And here's the Agapanthus growing randomly near the railway line.

nearly done...ahhh....

And just to show I wasn't telling any porkie pies...here's my mince pies to prove it.
I haven't put the recipe on today but if you would like it just let me know and I'll add it on....

I'm always transported back in time when making my mince pies, to a time when I needed a chair to reach the table top in order to help my Grandma make her's. She used to make them for the whole family. I remember thinking there were hundreds but maybe that's just in my memory. I do know the exact amounts but there were lots. Her kitchen became a hive of industry with flour puffs, icing clouds, and a good pinch of laughter.
Perfect memories...... :D

Right that's it for today...off you go....get busy peeps! Tea break's over.
Have fun....

p.s. Oh my...I really do need to check my medication...I thought it was Tuesday today, otherwise I'd have posted my Simple Woman's Journal. Oh well that'll have to be tomorrow now. Merry Madness!


  1. I just love to read these little glimpses of Oz you give us Neesie. I can't imagine it being warm most of the year. Must be like a dream. Those mince pies look very scrummy indeed! Pass one over! xxoo (would that you could!)

  2. I'd love to hand you one Marie, then you could give your verdict.
    I must admit I was pleased with the outcome. I'm always a little worried for the first batch especially when you haven't made them for a whole year.
    I always feel my Grandma is looking over my shoulder and guiding me especially as I'm using her cake tins :)

    I took some of them to a friend’s house this morning and she's just reported back that they are a delicious. In fact, she's hidden them so that they're not eaten and she'll be sure there's some for Christmas! I take that as a great compliment, although I've told her I'll make her some more.

    Enjoy your day xoxo ;D


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