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Monday 12 December 2011

Its all written in the book...

So how was your weekend? Yeah mine too! Phewph.
By Sunday afternoon I was losing the plot....and needed to stop the madness for a few hours.
It would have been nice to chill on the beach as the temperature was quite high as well as the humidity but I never managed that.....

For one thing the Christmas tree lights that were working when I tested them, decided they didn't want to play once I'd spent about two hours placing them strategically on the branches. I may be slightly exaggerating? Anyway I had to go on a shopping trip that wasn't planned but still came home without any....don't ask?
We also had a Christmas evening with friends booked at a fabulous Italian restaurant on the Southbank called Scusami. All twelve of us raved about it. The Artisan Pasta starter was my OH's favourite and the Duck was fabulous, I can recommend it.
It was also Muffin's birthday too, but she didn't get an invite nor had a pooch party...poor thing. The thunderstorm was the main event for her so she wasn't happy. Or maybe she's reached that age where you'd rather not have a birthday or changing the numbers around works better!

She's still a cutie and ready to play at anytime so she's doing well.

I've had great success with my 'to-do' tick list today and finally my Christmas cards are winging their way to the four corners of the world... my purse is feeling extremely lighter. I think it's probably the only thing that does lose weight at this time of year!

I was thinking yesterday when organising my cards etc that I suppose in our modern technological age that we happen to be in ~ whether or not we want to be ~ we will see the art of keeping a stylish delightful festive book possibly disappearing. Mine notes down all family and friends details ie addresses, gifts given and how to plan and organise events...it helps to keep me sane. Or as sane as I can be!
We'll have entries in our mobile phones and computers....but I like my traditional practical record book! Am I being stubborn and showing my age maybe? Don't answer that on the grounds that it might incriminate me!
But this book is stored carefully away in my Christmas storage boxes with all the other decorations...safe and sound, only to appear to keep me on track with my festive organisations. I can't remember last week never mind if I sent a card to my Great Aunt and if I did what was her address? All these questions are answered so there's no anguish over the finer details.
I know it’s all written there...on beautiful gold pages with tips, tear out shopping list pages, a plastic wallet for receipts instead of tucking them away in some safe nook or cranny, that I can never find! I've also just found a letter to Santa from my son written years ago when he was just a little toot....priceless.
There are lots of beautiful sayings and Carols written in it too, some I'd never heard before. So I thought I'd share some of them with you....
I have a list of folks I know,
All written in a book,
and every year when Christmas comes,
I go and take a look.

And that is when I realise
That these names are more a part
Not only of the book they're in,
but of my very heart......          
~ Author unknown

Don't shake that package,
don't peek 'neath the wrapping for a better view.
And don't ask too many questions;
It might be for you.                 
~ Author unknown

The holly's up, the house is all bright,
the tree is ready, the candles alight,
rejoice and be glad, all children tonight!   
~ Peter Cornelius

I'm heading back to dress the tree now....hopefully to complete it this time.
Have fun and whatever happens...just keep taking long slow deep breaths and enjoy! ;D
        Merry Monday!


  1. Oh Neesie, you do bring a smile to my face. I am a real sucker for little poems and quotes and surely enjoyed your little verses here today. I have an address book and I crack it open every December usually last minute so that I can get my cards in the post, which inevitably arrive late. Where DOES the time go! At least my heart is in the right place! Love and hugs on a COLD wet morning. xxoo

  2. If I can bring a smile to your face on a COLD wet Monday morning...then my work is done and I'm happy! :D

  3. You're certainly getting into the Christmas spirit, aren't you Neesie???
    Love the picture of Muffin! She looks pretty relaxed. :-)

  4. I can't help myself....I've always been the same at this time of year ;D

    Yeah, Muffin really has this relaxing malarky off to a fine art! ^..^

  5. Helloo there! Sorry that I've taken so long to reply to your lovely comments on my blog. Things too have been a wee bit hectic here in Perth. We are going to Africa on Friday for a month so I'm trying to organise the house and pack and finish Christmas shopping all at once (which is never a good idea) Your post helped me to slow down and remember the more important things! Thank you! I used to live in Melbourne - love it so much! Work brought my family of 3 here over a decade ago - however Hubby and I would love to live there again. We'd also LOVE to live in the UK! Scusami is great isn't it? We dined there when we visited in March this year. I look fwd to much excitable banter twixt Melbourne & Perth ;-) Happy Holidays and good luck with all the prepping! Angy :-)

  6. Hi there Angy...thanks for stopping by to comment...I really appreciate it as I know you're flat out at the moment trying to get ready for the biggy!

    It’s interesting to hear that you've lived here in Melbourne and that you liked it so much. I have really taken to the place and after 22 years of travelling to lots of locations, its topped my list, so that's saying something.

    Fancy you dined at Scusami and they never told me! We had a great night and the food was superb.

    We have had many trips to Perth and thereabouts before we came to Melbourne. We lived in Brunei at one stage and it used to be our main holiday destination, other than nipping home to the UK.
    Margaret River, Albany {to watch the whales}, Augusta and Scarborough Beach....ahh yes I remember them well.

    Good Luck with the packing and prep. Once you're on that plane you can just sit back and relax ~ you can't do any more. As long as you haven't left one of the kiddywinks behind! :O

    Have a fabulous festive family fun {drat can't think of another f} holiday! ;D


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