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Friday 2 December 2011

Fabulous Friday....

Here we are again its Friday....not sure where that week went, but I have some fantastic news :D
Well I'm thrilled but not sure you'll feel the same way....I found buried treasure!

When I realised I'd forgotten to buy potatoes and needed them for our evening meal {it was too late to nip out and buy any} I decided to delve into my grow bag to see if there was anything hiding....and there they were.... perfect potatoes. I couldn't believe it. I know they're easy to grow but I've not had my usual success with veggies in this new garden, so I was very wary that the sack could be empty.

But look...

Here they are all washed...

They saved the day and tasted wonderful in my cottage pie. It would have been difficult to make a cottage pie without the tatties, spuds, potatoes {not impossible I know but not really what I wanted}
I've got the grow bags at various stages of planting so maybe, just maybe we'll be able to have our own produce for our Christmas Dinner.

I borrowed this photo from taste.com.au because by the time I'd finished digging, washing, peeling and cooking the light had gone for me to photograph my own dish. But my dish looked very similar to this....okay you’re going to have to believe me.
So let the weekend commence....yeeha!

I'll be decking the halls and having fun... so make sure you enjoy and have fun too, no matter what you get up to ; D


  1. I think this is so awesome. I would love to be able to dig for some potatoes. They look like beauties too. Don't you hate when the light doesn't cooperate with the camera.

  2. There is nothing as delicious as a cottage pie made with potatoes you have grown yourself! Way to go Neesie! xxoo

  3. I was so thrilled to find them because I wasn't sure they were actually growing. They never flowered and I always thought that potato plants had to flower first before you pick them.
    I didn't empty the whole bag but I'll do that today so hopefully there'll be some more.
    The plastic sacks are a great way to grow produce when there's little space. I can recommend them.

    I like to use all my own photos wherever I can but sometimes it's just not possible. The light is amazing here in Oz but when you dilly dally with the evening meal...poof...it’s gone! ;D

  4. Thanks Marie,
    I was so ecstatic that I forgot to weigh them....doh! {Hubby thinks they'd be about 3 kilo}xox

  5. Wowsers! How delightfully abundant. Again an affirmation to me that Mother Nature really is taking care of all of us as best she can! I'm a vegetarian so I shall imagine your cottage pie adapted with this amazing new "barley mince" that I've discovered at Woolies - has had the most carnivorous members of my family fooled! Hope the rest of your weekend is as wonderful! :-)

  6. Lovely to hear from you....
    Yes, Mother Nature’s doing her stuff...she just leaves me speechless at times and that’s saying something as I always love to natter ;)

    ‘Barley Mince' sounds intriguing. I’ll have to keep a look out for that...it must be extraordinary to fool meat eaters and well worth a try.
    We’re all carnivores in this house but I like to try and experiment with vegetarian recipes whenever I can get away with it!

    Enjoy your weekend too ;D

  7. ooo, what lovely spuds, red skinned and they look lovely!!! Such a nice surprise hidden in the grow bag!! We might hit 32 degrees for
    Christmas but it will be bELOW zero!!!
    Trade ya!!!! lol, happy week end to you!!

  8. Hmm....let me think about trading. I don't think you can beat a cold, snowy white Christmas so maybe just a quickie for the holiday but any other time of the year...nah!
    I like my temperatures a little higher thank you ;D


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