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Friday 9 December 2011

Snow Soup...

After reading about all the chilliness out there yesterday, not here though I hasten to add...another hot one today. But it made me remember an old soup recipe that a friend passed to me. I haven't made it for quite some years but thought the title alone was appropriate for the current season...Snow Soup!
Forgive me for not making it and posting my own photo's {I borrow the one below from ifood.tv } Its not a soup kinda day here....fresh prawn salad is on the menu.
Anyway, back to my story...by the way, did you get yourself a cuppa?....I'll wait for you.....okay ready.... ;D
So we were living in Brunei at the time and had been invited round to our Kiwi friends house for dinner. She had prepared snow soup as a starter {even in Brunei we tried our best to create and carry on the Christmas traditions} The soup was so unusual and as you do we had to guess the ingredients.
Some we managed but some were a complete surprise. Its a very simple recipe that hopefully you'll try and enjoy.
The colour of the soup can vary but the picture below is very like I remember only mine was smoother. My son doesn't do bits in his soup!

Recipe (I'm afraid I can't remember how many servings but think possibly 4 going by the amounts below)

1 cup of raw potato ~ chopped
1/2 cup of onion ~ chopped
1/2 cup of apple ~ peeled and chopped
1 large diced banana
1/2 cup of celery ~ chopped
1 1/2 cups of good chicken stock
1 cup of cream
2 tablespoons of butter
1/2 tablespoon of curry powder


1.Using a large saucepan soften the onion first then add the chopped potato, apple and celery. 

2. When softened add the banana and lastly the chicken stock.

3. Cool ingredients.

4. Taking care that the ingredients are cool enough ~ liquidize (or vitamize as my friend described it)
5. Take care by placing a cloth over the top in case steam escapes.

6. Once smooth place back into the large pan.

7. Finally add the cream, butter and curry powder.

It's that simple....plus you can have fun with the family trying to guess all the ingredients.
I hope you enjoy it ;D


  1. that is a lovely soup, smooth or chunky its sounds yummy!

  2. Hi Laurie,
    It's a little different and great if you fancy a change from the usual.
    If you try it hopefully it'll warm you right through to your toes! ;D

  3. I don't think anyone could ever guess the ingredients! What a fun game, and a yummy soup.

  4. Oh my, that does sound delicious!! I'm going to give this a go! Thanks Neesie!!

  5. I remember we did have a fun meal with lots of laughter Beth.
    The soup was just the first course. The 'piece de resistance' occurred over the dessert. My friend first brought her cookery book to the table to show what the dessert was meant to look like....then she exhibited three further attempts before finally showing and serving the finished item. By this time we were all in floods of tears and laughing hysterically.
    I thought she was very brave to show her failures and made a mental note that if I ever have the same trouble to do likewise.
    It was a perfect fun night that has stayed in my memory all these years....far better than a perfect pud!
    Have a great weekend ;D

  6. Morning Marie...or should I say G'evening?
    I hope you like the soup if you try it. It's really easy and no trouble, but so different.
    When I used to make it I would double the ingredients and play around with the quantities ~ so have fun.
    I love the name too which is so appropriate for you just now....stay cosy xoxo


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