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Saturday 24 December 2011

Snowman Soup

I feel slightly naughty nipping online to post today. My OH, son and daughter have just gone out on bikes for a quick calorie burning exercise ride before tomorrow's onslaught of sticky toffee puddings, and poultry, plus, plus plus...... whilst they're out I thought I'd come and see if you're okay for a quick natter.

It will be a very quick chat today because obviously there's a million and one things waiting for me...

I rose this morning at 6am for the military manoeuvres to the local veg shop, butchers, bakers but I gave the candlestick maker a miss ; D
Everyone who had the same idea as myself...of a quick early dash...appeared cool and calm being organised people brandishing nothing but their wish list and 'cool' bags ready to nip in and out before the madness started. The early bird certainly got the goods this morning.
I'd finished rounding up all my orders by 7am, so felt rather pleased with myself. It was a lovely time of day and cool too so no hassle with the heat.

Mr Snowman candle holder....one of my favourites
Hardly in keeping with a hot Aussie Christmas, but I'd still like to show you something that I saw on Karen's lavender and loveage blog. Thanks Karen for the idea ;D

The 'Snowman Soup' gift....I loved the idea and had great fun making them for little friends.

I had to make a few tweaks with being in warmer climes such as making sure everything was individually wrapped ~ I wouldn't want to hand over to the children melted marshmallows and squidgy chocolate chips....hmm....but that kinda sounds like an idea for another recipe?
Oh yes...the recipe....nearly forgot to give you that...
1 mug, preferably with a Christmas design
25g sweetened instant hot chocolate powder
6 chocolate buttons, or chocolate chips
10 miniature marshmallows
1 small candy cane
I wrote on the label the following message which I thought was fun....

“I was told you've been good this year,

I'm always glad to hear it!

With arctic weather drawing near,

You'll need to warm the spirit.

So here's a little Snowman Soup.

Complete with stirring stick.

Add hot water, sip it slow.

It's sure to do the trick!”
Hardly appropriate really for an Ozzie summer Christmas but it keeps everything on the traditional theme. If I'd have had more time I might have tried to tweak the rhyme, but then hot soup in summer...hum? Maybe that's something to think about for next year.
Anyway I did say this was going to be a quick post....so I must dash...
Santa will be here before I know it....Have fun and enjoy!


  1. Surely Snowman Soup should be served iced, like Gazpacho??

  2. Oh...I've just got a horrible vision of a melting snowman :-(
    Hope you're 'chilli' Christmas blows you away!
    Have fun :D

  3. Merry Christmas Neesie ~ I have been away since yesterday morning, just got back! LOVE the way your snowman soup turned out too ~ SO pretty!
    Love Karen

  4. Cute photos! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

  5. Merry Christmas to you too Karen ~ I hope you had a wonderful time.
    We're participating in a little lull in events today before we build up again and head towards the New Year. Phewph! xoxo

  6. Hi Beth,
    Yes we had a lovely Christmas Day thank you. It didn't turn out too hot and sunny after all...in fact we had thunder and lightening for most of the day.
    It was a little steamy but quite nice to have the french doors wide open letting the cool air keep us in the Christmas mood.
    Muffin wasn't too thrilled though.
    I hope you had a fantastic festive time with your family and friends ;D


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