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Thursday 1 December 2011

Creating Christmas Cards....

As much as I'm trying to stay calm and not get wound up by all the hyp, I have to admit I'm failing miserably. I'm beginning to get very excited and in a little tizz because I'm reading so many blogs that are way ahead in their Christmas preparations. There's decoration ideas, recipes, gift idea's...you name it, it's all out there.

But I'm trying to stop the hyperventilating because that's not going to help anyone. I know I'll get to everything I always do, but that doesn't stop me losing the plot at times. Once I get the decoration boxes out of the store room I'll feel much better. But I'm not sure I can wait until the weekend for this to happen, when the muscles are available...I had a sneak peek into some of the boxes yesterday and the Christmas smell hit me! Wow...if you’re not feeling Christmassy just smell a few mixed spices, Cinnamon and nutmeg etc it’s sure to help....otherwise have a little nip and put the Christmas music on. That always works for me. Whoops....little secrets ; )

Moving on swiftly, I mentioned yesterday that I've been creating my own cards so here they are.....

Obviously I had to feature 'Merry Muffin' and also because I love books I thought the 'Book Tree' was perfect for Book Clubs or anyone in fact that loves to read. What do you think?

If you're interested in either one or both designs of these cards just add a comment below and I'll get back to you how you can obtain copies.
And finally to add to the build-up, guess who arrived this morning.....the magic Elf
So let the fun begin...

For the wine lovers among you...the rack that he's perched upon is only the little handy accessable one in the kitchen....I'm saying nothing on the grounds that it might incriminate me.
 Notice the screw tops....yep no corks here! {shock...horror and sharp intake of breath if you're reading this in France}

Enjoy your day ; D


  1. haha, about the corks and France. Nice cards Neesie! You're so very clever I think! xxoo

  2. Thanks for your kind words Marie. But I'm not as clever as you though...you produce art work and recipes almost every day! xox

  3. beautiful cards!!! I agree with Marie, too funny about those screw tops, who cares, well I guess the French but I cxertainly don't, if it taste good I don't care what vintage name or maker.Thankyou so much for visiting , its snowing here, again, would you like some, I'll send you some!

  4. Hi Laurie, it's lovely to hear from you.
    I have the same opinion as you ~ if I like a wine I don't mind how its wrapped. I do hope that doesn't make me sound like I have a problem? |:o)

    Hmm....snow....That would be nice, so yes please if you could send a little this way, but only for the Christmas Holiday.
    There's no chance of snow here...I heard yesterday that we could be having our dinner in 32 degree's. So we could be eating outside which as an alternative might be nice.
    It's not quite the same but other than the snow we'll have all the bells and whistles.

    Stay cosy and thanks for popping by ;D

  5. I love the book tree -- what a great idea!

  6. Hi Beth, I'm so happy that you popped by.
    Thank you for your kind comments about the book tree. I was thrilled with it.
    I love reading and books so it was a great way to combine my love of both ;D

  7. How extraordinary - I've just finished reading the Womens Room blog and they have photographs of the book tree and tree shapes cut from old books etc. and here the book tree is again!
    I love your cards and would really appreciate knowing how to make them - if possible?

  8. Hi Jennifer, thanks so much for stopping by with your kind comments.
    I really had fun building the book tree {which I have to say took quite some time ~ finding the right sizes etc} I then took photographs....far more than I'll admit here. Then printed the best one.
    I had a few options which made choosing difficult but they were all much of a muchness.
    I'm really happy with the outcome.

    I'd love to read that Woman's Room blog if you could send me the link. Thanks ;D

  9. Hi - here's the link for the Womens Room blog - hopefully it is the correct link for the post in question - the post was entitled Martha Moments: Make your own Christmas Decorations.

    I hope that takes you through, if not I'll try again!

  10. It did work Jennifer. Thanks so much for sending the link and so quickly. I had a look and love the star balls :D

  11. Yes, love the star balls too - I'm going to have to have a go at making one this week - glad the link worked.

  12. Good Luck Jennifer, maybe you should try making a Book Tree too? ;D


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