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Monday 19 December 2011

Christmas is coming....whoohoo!

I'm hoping you've been as busy as I have and haven't noticed my lack of posts lately. Or maybe you've been devastated. Nah I thought not...
Anyway, I'm almost there and beginning to have the frame of mind if I don't get there, well it’s not life threatening and we'll have a fantastic time anyway....do I sound convincing :- /

Nah...I didn't think so....

But really I am nearly there and hopefully I'll post some photographic evidence to prove it. The trouble is that I'm seeing wonderful wonderlands out there in blogdom. They keep giving me more ideas and jobs to do....plus I can't get to read all of them and I'd like to. I suppose if I gave up sleeping this week I might manage them all.
I'm not sure I'll be in some of these blogs league, but I love seeing all the difference traditions and ideas. I'm beginning to feel quite contented with my decor though.

It's at this stage where you have to be firm and say enough is enough. Besides I have to concentrate on the food now.

Look where the magic Elf landed today....I think that's a prime spot. I'm going to have a quiet word with him just in case he isn't aware that I've been a very good girl this year  ; D

Although my Christmas present is already loaded onto the sleigh and is heading this way....this is where I have to calm myself because I'm beginning to feel sick with anticipation....Yep my daughter is about to arrive. {Breath....breath.....} I imagine there are masses of relations passing between here and the UK over the next week and everyone is as excited as I am.....well maybe not!

I've even put in a special word for the weather to be cooler at the beginning of the week and slowly warming up just to let her get acclimatised. It can be a shock from Scotland to here, but thankfully it'll be perfect this week. Around mid 20 degree's celsius heading up to 30 degree's for Christmas Day. Perfect...But then we have to remember it is Melbourne and that could all change with the wind direction.
Maybe  I should have had a little word for a flurry of snow for Christmas Day...well you never know???!?! ;-)

Well I'm off to bath Muffin...she's going to be thrilled  ^..^


  1. Miracles happen every day Neesie! They are predicting no snow here for Christmas. We are supposed to have a warming trend this week. xxoo

  2. I'm not sure if you'd prefer the warmer weather or a flurry of snow? Whatever your preference Marie, I hope it comes to be.
    Enjoy the build up...not long to go now. xoxo

  3. yes only how many sleeps till the big day??
    If you would like some snow I could send some, I have lots to spare!!!
    Best wishes and love from canada!

  4. Hi Laurie,
    Maybe just a few hours of crisp white snow on Christmas Day might be nice if you could manage it please ;D
    But think we're heading for 32 degree's on the big day, so it wouldn't last long here.
    I'll post some sunshine so you can hopefully feel the warmth radiating from the screen.
    Cosy Christmas Wishes to you and your's from
    DownUnder :D


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