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Thursday 8 December 2011

Just a quickie......

I'm going to do a very quick post this afternoon...basically because it's been one 'humdinger of a day'.
I haven't sat down since I first walked Muffin this morning. Not even for a cuppa! I know I thought I might be ill too!
I've been extremely busy as I imagine you all have too, but I did make some progress....phewph!
{in a hushed voice...I bought some pressies so I feel so much better now}
And...I'm quite pleased with myself because I bought my first Nutcracker...I say first because I'm not sure if they'll be a little army of them at some stage? I've been seeing them out there in blogdom and wondered why I'd never bought one before....well now I have.
I've yet to find him a new home but he is very smart and quite blingy, so will look stunning wherever I put him I'm sure, especially with a little greenery around him.
I'll no doubt post about him later...once I find him a good spot.
Unfortunately the Christmas tree is still bare but I'll get to that tomorrow. I just couldn't make it today, so I'll hopefully get the new set of lights tomorrow and tick that off my list .....diddledeedee....diddledeedee.....

I've also been hearing from quite a few of you, that you're feeling the winter chill and wanting some sunshine. I have to say we've had a warm one today....temperature reached 31 degree's C. I know you don't want to hear that but it has its downfall. It makes it really hard to shop in that kind of heat...thankfully the mall's all have air conditioning.
Nothing for it though after all that foot work once I got home but to cool and rest the weary feet.....ahhhhhhh.....

If you're in the heat stay cool....if you're in the cool stay cosy ;D


  1. Ok, I'm jealous!! Its minus 10 celcius with a wind chill of minus 20. Your nut cracker sounds wonderful, enjoy the beauty of your day , don't get a sunburn and I won't get frost bite,

  2. Sorry about that Laurie, I didn't mean to make you jealous really.
    Talk about contrasts! I normally don't like the cold...hence, being here in Oz, but I must admit I quite like it for the run up to Christmas. Snow in particular, but then it has to disappear quickly!
    It seems right and fitting somehow for this time of year. Maybe its because all my childhood memories of Christmas were during the winter in the UK.
    I'm having to adapt to change and high temperatures for the season and that's not easy at my age....but its good to mix it up...keeps you young, I say ;D
    Stay wrapped up and cosy xo


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