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Saturday 26 May 2012

Artist's Playroom Challenge....Bookmarks

Now can you believe it?...I didn't think I'd quite managed to fit something into every single second of this past week, so I've decided to enter into a challenge to top it all off...no not the kind consisting of running shoes and puffing for 10k, or getting my tongue around incredible alien sounds learning a new language, or taking to the skies to pilot a plane...but never the less a challenge all the same. Firstly just to complete an entry by the closing time....it's a close call I think, so this will be very brief....
Let me explain....
Because I'm enjoying my new found arty mojo I thought (possibly stupidly) that I'd push myself further and enter into the Artist's Playroom hosted by the brilliantly talented Jenn on her blog Just add Water Silly, Just have a peek at how clever everyone is and then you'll realise what am I thinking because they are all very gifted talented real artists! 
I commented on Jenn's page and she sent a lovely email back to me saying it wasn't too late and that I should enter. How kind and yes I was so taken in....I thought I'd give it a whirl...
 The theme to this week's challenge is bookmarks (there's a different theme each week) but how could a book worm resist that temptation and I have to admit I think the theme possibly swayed me to enter. 
I didn't have time to find open my paints so with my pens handy from my zentangle designs I came up with this....

 I made the bookmark like a book cover so that it would be possible to list inside all the books that you've read with him...by the way he's loving 'The Owl and the Pussycat' for obvious reasons (just a softy) ;D
I even found a tassel and if I tell you how and where it came from I'd have to kill you....its called poetic license and the need to know basis!
Anyway, sorry to rush this post but I must send him quickly on his way, otherwise I'll have missed the entry time...wish me luck! 
Have a great weekend everyone ~ have fun whatever the weather :D


  1. now thats a great bookmark! Beautiful, I'm so glad I came back with a new blog, and you are one of the reasons I would miss blogging so much, visiting here to see your beautiful work, YOU are a REAL artist!

    1. Hehe...I really didn't have much time but he was fun to draw.
      I was in the middle of drawing my new card design so used all that was around me. Maybe for next weeks challenge I'll have to find my paints...imagine colour!
      It's been awhile ;D
      I'm a happy bunny today Laurie knowing your back in the land of Blog :D
      I keep reading over you're last words ~ what a compliment, thank you so much for those kind words.

  2. Neesie,
    I'm SO glad you hurried and got your adorable bookmark in! I think it's kismet, did you know that my very favorite children's nursery rhyme as a child was Owl & the Pussycat. I loved having it read over and over, I loved the piggy with the ring and the boat and the singing in the moonlight.

    I'm thrilled to have you aboard with the Play Room, your a talented artist and that's always a wonderful addition!
    Hope to see you next week!!

    1. Maybe your right Jenn about the kismet because I have no idea where why the rhyme came back to me...I haven't seen or heard it since my kids were little toots!
      Thank you for being so welcoming and stretching me and my drawing.
      I'll take a peek at next weeks challenge and see if I can allocate more time to do justice to your playroom.
      It's a fantastic idea and I'm thrilled to be involved.
      Have a great Sunday. ;D

  3. that is so cool Neesie... and I am thrilled you are taking part in the APR challenge... isn't Jen just the loveliest person and all the participants are so wonderfully supportive... you will love being a part of it I know... as to the real artist thing... I call you one of my artist friends and you certainly are in my book!!!! with love...xx

    1. Well I have to tell you Tracey that my husband laughed...yes laughed when he saw my entry with all the others! I've never liked him...have I ever mentioned that before?
      So thank you for being so kind and supportive.
      I'm not sure I'll be brave enough to enter again, but I'll certainly be visiting all you talented lovely ladies in the Playroom.
      It's such fun and as you say Jen is the perfect host ;D
      Have a super Sunday, probably recovering from P's birthday celebrations...I hear you'll need to rest because they'll be ongoing for a week! Do you still think Jen is lovely for giving P the idea? ;D

  4. This is totally adorable and cute! Love it!!!

    1. Thank you so much...as I've mentioned I didn't really have time to think it through properly, so it was very impulsive in order to complete it in the time frame.
      I'll certainly have more time to think about next week's but not sure I'm up to the challenge...we'll see :D
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting...I really appreciate your support.
      Have a great Sunday ~ enjoy!

  5. I would not get through my book... for looking at this adorable bookmark!! So glad you are entering challenges with your Brillant art work.. I just LoVe It!!! Happy Sunday!! Hugs May x x x

    1. Aww May, you say the sweetest things...really I just doodled him quickly.
      I have no idea why I thought I needed another challenge in my day but it seemed a good idea at the time!
      Well that's the weekend over for us here but you still have a few hours to enjoy that wonderful sunshine I'm hearing about ;D
      Enjoy and don't forget to slip, slap, slop!

  6. LOL....I LOVE your poetic license....too funny...
    Sweet little owl.


    1. Hi Cindy,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment. I'm glad you like the little owl...he is quite comical now I look at him.
      But for me to enter into the artist playroom in future, I need to allocate some serious time to prepare something.
      Those ladies are so talented.
      Hope your weekend was enjoyable and you're ready for a full fun week ahead! =)

  7. You are so amazing!! You just "threw this bookmark together"? I would have to work for 1 month to come up with something like that!!! But it is awesome that you found a fun blog to participate in!! You are so busy right now, so finding that little second that you could spare to make and share somthing like that is fantastic!

    1. Oh stop it Daniella...you'll make me blush ;)
      If you look too closely you can see he's a little rushed but he didn't seem to mind and I think he had fun over at the Artist Playroom.
      I'm not sure I'm up to next weeks challenge though...it was going around my head last night whilst I was supposed to be asleep!
      I really need to calm myself and stop to smell the roses soon because I'm all over the place. It doesn't help that the dreaded lurgy landed...but that might be a hidden blessing. I might be able to ignore lots of chores due to my poorly 'chesticles' but I think I might be able to carry on drawing ~ just about...I'm a martyr to the cause, I know!
      Have a fun packed week ahead ~ enjoy ♥

  8. Mr Owl so cute, you just want to cuddle him. I really love this bookmark and if that is rushed, I can't wait to see what you do when you have heaps of time! So glad you joined APR, you will just love Jenn, she is so lovely.
    Have a great day.

    1. Hi Von,
      He's a bit of a romantic in his reading matter too. You should have see him when he finished 'The Owl and the Pussycat'...he was a total wreck!
      I do love Jenn and the gang plus all the artwork you all produce...there's so much talent, but I'm not sure I'm ready for more challenges just yet. I'm not looking for compliments honest...it's just allocating more time and putting in enough effort for the playroom.
      Anyway we'll see, as last night I was drifting in and out of sleep thinking about the next topic!
      Have a great creative week and I'll look forward to catching up with you again soon. =D

  9. So cute! Good luck with your entry.

    1. Thanks Beth...it was a little fun but if I'm to enter the playroom again I'll have to get serious. Those artists have such an amazing amount of talent.
      Have a great week and thanks for popping by my place ;D

  10. Fantastic bookmark, I love your little owl and he does look like he is enjoying his book, and very clever of you to have made it so that you can open it up to list the books you've read, I fear for my life on asking about the tassle! lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

    1. Hehe...thanks Sandee,
      I liked the idea of making it into a mini book for the list of reading material inside too. I read so many it's hard to remember them all sometimes.
      As to the tassle...(in a hushed voice with head swivelling from right to left) just between you, me and the garden gate it was a handle from a very exclusive swimwear shop! Now I've told you
      this reply will self distruct in 5 seconds...
      Have to rush to thank you for stopping by....(PUFF!)

  11. Fabulous BookMark Neesie! I love your black and white stuff. I really admire you for your talent in this area. I could not cope with it myself, or should I say my eyes could not!!! Love you! xxoo

    1. Hardly fabulous Marie, but thank you anyway.
      You always say the nicest things. Really part of my drawing returning to me after so long is down to you and you're inspiration. :D

  12. Just catching up on the APR posts. I'm late I know! I always liked the rhyme and your bookmark is darling.


    1. Aww thanks Darla, I'm having trouble visiting, creating, blogging and generally trying to fit everything in myself at the moment.

      Thanks so much for popping by my place...I don't mind how late you are it's just nice to have you visit :D


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