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Monday 21 May 2012

A Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY ~ Monday 21st May 2012 

Outside my window...There's a beautiful baby blue sky today with the sun shining, giving a warmth to everything it touches. The trees are swaying gently on a fresh breeze, shedding the last of their autumn colours.
Rainbow lorikeets and magpies are enjoying the warmth after a chilly night. There's a huge truck nearby offloading a families precious possessions, into what will be their new home. Oh what memories...but I'd rather them than me....all at once it can be both an exciting but exhausting experience. 
They certainly have a good few days weather, which should help to get organised and settle in...tomorrow's temperature is reported to go to 19 degree's celcius again. Whoohoo...not bad for being on the threshold of winter!
I am thinking...this daybook appears whenever I get a chance to write it and not like previously ~ every Wednesday. I try to fit it into another day other than Wednesday but it seems to want to wander and hasn't really settled into a new routine for any one particular day yet. I love to write it, so I'm hoping that one particular day will evolve soon. In the meantime you'll never know when to expect me. ;D

I am thankful...that here we see so much sun and beautiful light. Even when the weather isn't particularly good the light invariably is. Plus the sun makes an appearance frequently. It can make such a difference to your mood and activity level. 

In the kitchen...I'm quite tidy in here today...there's nothing left out at the moment. Everything has been eaten. I know there are two Crème brûlées waiting in the fridge for this evening. I made some at the weekend...Yes I know... at last I spent some time baking! They were a huge success but there's only two left. I've wanted to photograph them for a post but by the time we get to eat them, it's too dark plus they don't tend to hang around for any length of time. My son is devastated that he is away for a few days so will miss having the last one. I like to have something nice to eat when we're watching Masterchef...it helps to alleviate the drooling.

I am wearing...Black bootleg joggers, black long sleeved t-shirt with a reddy/cerise/fushia sleeveless quilted jacket ~ a gilet, but as I call it my gibblet! Socks and Ugg slippers with a cuppa as an accessory!  

I am creating...oh don't get me started because I'll be here for hours telling you all about my exciting new cards. A collection in fact. I've still got a few things to sort out, but I'll be posting all about them when I'm ready to launch...so as they say..."watch this space"!
I'm also creating new designs in my head but unfortunately my hands can't keep up or my eyes for that matter...I'm now making a list so that I don't forget them all. I may even try to organise a 'giveaway' if I can work out how the random computer prize picker programme works. Such a lot to learn for an old girl! ;D

I am going...Well in fact I've already been...for my flu jab. It was quite painless really and my arm hasn't fallen off just yet, so lets hope it keeps me safe when the flu arrives. I'm also going into the city one day this week to the printers ~ whoohoo! 
Muffin has her annual MOT due this week too plus I've lots of appointments, the usual running around and shopping...so a busy time ahead.

I am wondering...how my art work will be received? If you paint or create yourself then you'll know what I mean...it's quite nerve wrecking to put yourself out there for criticism. Hopefully the response will be good and I'll be inundated by gazillions of orders! ;D lol
I am reading...'Mr Wroe's Virgins' by Jane Rogers (I started to read it but it's for the next book club meeting so I better allocate some serious reading time soon ~ eek!) 
My reading seems to have taken a back seat since I started drawing...well there's only so many hours in the day. If only I didn't need to sleep I could fit in so much more!

I am hoping...that my son has a good week away but that he keeps safe. He is on a road trip and I'm always nervous when my chicks are out and about. I prefer to have them both in their nests but better still to be all together in mine.

I am looking forward to...hearing that a friends daughter's baby arrives safely into this world. It's her first baby and both her and her husband are going to make wonderful parents. She's now overdue so I'm expecting a text or call at any minute...It'll probably be in the middle of the night...doesn't that always happen? Good Luck to them and I'll keep my fingers crossed until I hear the news.

Around the house...A snoozy dog is snuggled up in her basket, snoring gently as she dreams no doubt about the great walk we've just had or a juicy piece of chicken. There's a pair of walking boots standing guard at the kitchen door...waiting for their next adventure. The radio is playing a tune that has my foot tapping. There's the dishwasher waiting to miraculously empty by the magic fairy and the kettle is just cooling. It's never far from boiling! I know the clock is ticking although I can't hear it because I can see the little hand moving the day forwards at an alarming speed.
A favourite quote for today... Ask yourself: Have you been kind today? Make kindness your daily modus operandi and change your world ~ Annie Lennox
Just a little trivia...I actually met Annie Lennox in a seafront cafe in Aberdeen once.

One of my favourite things...being cosy and warm. When the temperature drops then so do my activities...I tend to shut down, which can be very annoying. I now realise I have a threshold of 16 degree's celcius which is pretty high I know and some of you would love 16 degree's just now, but if it goes below that then I'm not a happy bunny! I know...what a diva but I just can't help it.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Work, rest and play but not necessarily in that order : D
A peek into my day... taken early yesterday from my bedroom window (through the glass ~ well I wasn't dressed and didn't want to frighten the neighbours!!!)

 So that's it for this week; I hope you enjoyed your visit. Don't forget to pop over to The Simple Womans Daybook and check out the other day book entries
Have fun and don't forget to be kind : D


  1. The new header picture is...so AUTUMNY! Very atmospheric.
    Changing one's Blogger template is always risky, isn't it? It's not a stable programme by and standard!

    1. Good Morning Mark,
      I'm always a little nervous changing anything in my blog. I did hear of a terrible story just a few days ago that someone lost all her blog due to a virus that burrowed through everything...imagine all the photos, writing and information lost forever.
      With this in mind I've decided that I'm going to copy and paste all my old posts and collate them onto a seperate hard drive. Well I'm thinking about doing it but getting to do it is quite another thing. Heaven knows when I'd find the time for a start!

      Thanks for stopping by my place...have a great week and may you're seedlings and shoots sprout forth! ;D

  2. Love your daybook as always Neesie! It's like a cosy visit with you and a catch up over a good gab! Love the new header as well. Can't wait to see your cards! I am thinking they will be absolutely gorgeous! xxoo

    1. Hi Marie...good day to you,
      I so glad you like to have a good gab because as my title indicates I'm very good at nattering! I could possibly even have an 'ology in it if there was such a thing.
      I'm happy with the new header (I love the photo) but I blog on my laptop which has a smaller screen...I'm just hoping I've got the dimensions right.
      I'm having a little difficulty with the printing of my cards (one source only wants me to do them online) but I'm determined to get there.
      I'm not sure about gorgeousness, but I hope they'll be to everyone's liking. The reaction here seems to be positive.
      Have a lovely day and I'll have the kettle on for you next time you pop by ;D xoxo

  3. I love these post, a real peak into your world, I will be honest I smiled when you said 16 degrees, thats hot in these parts,!!!

    1. I know 16 degrees is positively tropical in some parts Laurie...but it's unfortunately true, I really notice a change in my mood and activity level.
      I'm so happy to hear that you like the post because I try to be honest and open with whats happening on the journal day...sometimes wondering if anyone will be interested in my trivia ;D
      Thanks for popping over ~ I love visitors.
      Have a wonderful week :D


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