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Friday 25 May 2012

A Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY ~ Friday 25th May 2012 

Outside my window...
Even before I opened my eyes this morning I heard the cars swishing past...we're in for a wet one today. I think the sun is having a duvet day. It's still quite dark outside as I type, so thankfully I know where the keys are and don't need to put on a lamp in order to see. For one reason the blinds are open and I don't want to frighten anyone walking past...I'm still in my bed....shocking I know. 
The trees with being soaked in rain have such an intense colour from deep greens to burgundy, reds, oranges and yellow. Some branches are bare now due to a fairly windy day earlier this week. I do love to see all the colours but I'm beginning to tire of collecting the leaves when they fall into the pool, garden or onto the patio! I can't see or hear any birds which is unusual. Perhaps they are having a duvet day too?
There’s a brightly patterned umbrella rushing passing. All else is still.
I am thinking...there's going to be one damp pooch after our walk this morning. Mufftypup is so low to the ground it's impossible to keep her undercarriage dry. If you want to see what she looks like after a wet walk just click here. But she knows the routine by now though...once walked it's straight into the sink for her foot bath with a belly rub included on such mornings. Thankfully like a lot of females she likes a manicure/pedicure pamper...it's just the cold wet feet afterwards that she's not too keen on. Normally there's a mad dash about the house as she tries to dry them but thankfully the she also loves the hairdryer. Hey, I've told you before she's a diva! She has standards ^..^

I am thankful...for all my senses. 
My eyes that enable me to see my family, so many wonderful things nature shows us, to read, to be able to draw, paint or to make, cook or bake.....this is just the tip of the iceberg... I can't imagine how devastating it would be to lose my eyesight.
My ears that I can hear my daughter talking on the phone from across the world, or my son ask when dinners ready. My OH's voice is so familiar it's almost as familiar as my own, it fits very comfortably and the sound of the door handle turning calling out they're greeting when they arrive home. The birds singing, the wind howling when I'm safe inside, rain pitterpatting, the waves hitting the shore, music, church bells....the list could go on and on....
Smell....mmm...fresh bread or baking, freshly cut grass, crisp cotton linen freshly washed and dried outside.
My son's bathroom wafting downstairs when he's about to go out, my new shampoo, Christmas, and here's a strange one...mufftypup's paws! Yep odd I know but there you are...I'm just odd!
Taste...now where do I start...obviously chocolate! My cup of tea especially that first one in the morning, fresh toothpaste, my OH's kiss (here we go again ~ odd), a good glass of Shiraz, apple juice (just to balance it out) iced water on a hot day, spices and herbs, victory V lozengers (but apparently they aren't made in the UK anymore) blueberries....I'd better stop here because we could be here until Christmas...oh sticky toffee pudding (a Christmas treat)...enough!
Touch again the list could be endless but maybe I'll leave this one for you to complete because if you're still reading this...it could get very weird. 
But there you have it...my senses. I'd hate to be without any one of them, so I'm grateful to have all five and hope I keep them for a long time.

In the kitchen...there are masses of milk in the fridge. With my son being away this week it just seems to be stacking up. I'll be making up a batch of  crepe mixture which will be perfect for over the weekend. I purchased a bunch of protea flowers yesterday so they are sitting looking pretty in my large white jug vase.
I bought them ready to accompany my protea card, which I was hoping to photograph today but with the light being poor and the bouncing camera  (yep I dropped it again) I'm not sure that's do-able?

I am wearing...a duvet! I'm thinking of joining the sun and birds in a duvet day ;D

I am creating...I'm still working on my notelets. I visited the printers again yesterday so have quite a collection done. Now all I need is the cello wrappers ~ I need to source today. Also I need to photograph them all for my new Etsy shop. So everything is moving forward but just not finished yet. I think today will be a drawing day...still so many designs in my head wanting to escape onto paper. I'm not sure the light will be good enough for my poor eyes...zentangles can be quite a challenge for the eyes at anytime.

I am going...I'm not too sure as I think I may have the dreaded lurgy lurking in the depths of my chesticles! There's a cough arrived uninvited overnight which doesn't sound too healthy. Maybe I'll be going to the Doctors?

I am wondering...if I'll ever visit the Chelsea Flower Show? It's on my list so you never know. Never say never eh? 
I am reading...'Mr Wroe's Virgins' by Jane Rogers (I started to read it but it's for the next book club meeting so I better allocate some serious reading time soon ~ eek!) 
My reading seems to have taken a back seat since I started drawing...well there's only so many hours in the day. If only I didn't need to sleep I could fit in so much more!

I am hoping...that I can set up my Etsy shop soon and have my art launched out in the big scary world. If I manage to sell anything I hope they go to good homes ;D

I am looking forward to...last time I wrote my journal I mentioned I was waiting for news of a new baby's arrival...still waiting I'm afraid! I'm also arranging my blog's first freebie 'giveaway' in the next week or so...so watch this space as they say.

Around the house...A snoozy dog is snuggled up, snoring gently as she dreams no doubt about a juicy piece of chicken. She's oblivious to the wet weather but that won't stop her once she wakes, she'll still want her walk. There's the customary chair with yesterdays clothes flung over it...doesn't every bedroom have one? A sparkling kitchen floor that will have pawprints and footprints all over it soon no doubt!
A favourite quote for today... Happiness is like a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you. ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne

One of my favourite things...Whilst I'm cosy inside the house, listening and watching the rain outside. Although if I'm wearing the right gear sometimes I do enjoy walking in it. It's a good job I don't mind I suppose...having to walk a dog in any weather. I still haven't tired of seeing rain...which must still be from my time living in the Middle East and missing it so much.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Work, rest and play but not necessarily in that order : D
A peek into my day... I spotted this just at the side of the house yesterday morning. Hmm...see another drawing coming on :D

 So that's it for this week; I hope you enjoyed your visit. Don't forget to pop over to The Simple Womans Daybook and check out the other day book entries
Have fun : D


  1. Enjoyed reading this! Sounds like you need an Ottlite, a super light that's as near to pure daylight, I bought one and it means I can craft and draw any time I like. It's not the cheapest but it's the best! Hope everything goes to plan for you, will definitely look at your shop when you launch it. Oh almost forgot I'd love to send you a little ATC for the big WOYWW anniversary next week, wondered if you'd mind emailing me your address, my email addy is on my blog. If not, no worries, I'm only going to send out to some people and obviously the next one on the list. But I've got in mind a select few I'd like to send something to. Take care Zo xx

    1. Hi Zo,
      That sounds like just the job...I'll have another peep at your desk to see what an Ottlite looks like. I think I've seen one in a shop here. I could have done with it today actually because the sun never appeared at all. In fact I heard that we may have had a month's rain in one go today!

      I am so excited today even with the bad weather because I've got a new design started and I'm rather please with it so far...I'll not tell you what it is until it's finished.
      The Koala and I are having some time out for now! But I did make some progress until I moved on to the new one.

      I'm so flattered that you would like to send me an ATC but Zo I haven't taken done any myself...with only starting WOYWW a short time ago I really don't fully understand it all, so I intended to watch from the sidelines to see what happens.
      I can certainly email my address as I'd love to receive one ~ maybe I could send you one of my cards as a thank you note ;D
      That way you'd be able to see just what they're like in the flesh!
      Hey...you said 'no worries' lol

      Have a wonderful weekend, whatever you get up to...think we're in for another rainy day tomorrow, so I will try and fit in some more art...whoohoo! Happy days ;D

      Thanks for all your encouragement ~ it means a lot to me.

  2. Hello Neesie, this is wonderful! What a great idea to post your thoughts and dreams...I hope yours come true! Enjoy your duvet day and take care of that cough please. Have a good weekend.
    Maura :)

    1. Hi Maura,
      Thanks for popping over to my place. It's lovely to see you here.
      I'm glad that you like the daybook because at times I find writing it a little challenging, but then it does make me stop in the 'now' and think about what's happening in my life on that particular day. I'm always rushing and not stopping to appreciate what I have, so this is good in that respect.

      I didn't have a duvet day in the end...that was just wishful thinking. But I have had a lovely day drawing and even started a new design which I'm very excited about.
      Thank you for your kind comments and I hope that you too have a wonderful weekend ;D

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  4. Neesie -- these are some of my most favorite posts -- so insightful -- so helping me to get to know you better. I keep forgetting that it is fall there -- so hot hot hot here right now! Ive been enjoying a few days of sitting by our pool and knitting.

    Id love to go to the Chelsea flower show also -- sigh.

    I see you are reading Rules of Civility -- I loved it. When you are finished -- check out ON Canaans Side. You will love it also.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


    1. Hi Vicki,
      Lovely to have you visit my place and leave such kind comments. I really appreciate them.
      I'm hot hot hot at the moment too...but then the heating is accountable for that and not the weather!
      I'm not a happy bunny with our pool right now because its just hard work...masses of leaves floating which need to be collected daily. Unfortunately because of the design (nothing to do with us) it can't have a cover...Grr!

      I've finished reading that book months ago...I really need to update that...thanks for bringing it to my attention. I'll certainly check out your recommendation. Don't you just adore books!
      Have a wonderful weekend too ~ stay cool and enjoy ;D

  5. Our dog loves the rub down from the towel on wet days. I also notice that when my daughter is not home our milk consumption goes down by more than 1/2. Took me awhile to figure out why we had so much milk sitting around when she left for college - lol. Love your picture. Have a great week!

    1. I think all the dog's seem to like that part the best! Zac (Mufftypup's pal) makes an incredible noise whilst he tries to roll up in the towel...the more involved he gets the more he appears to enjoy it! Such fun to watch.
      I'm happy to report my milk consumption has gone back to normal...in fact I heard a little something happening in the kitchen very late last night...then a waft of porridge came through to the bedroom. Well you never know if the munchies are going to appear in the night, so it's best to head them off first! That seems to be my son's logical anyway ;D
      Thanks for stopping by ~ I love visitors.
      Hopefully you had a great weekend and are ready for a fun packed week ahead. =D


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