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Monday 28 May 2012

Guest Blogger....

I know I keep saying how busy I am...and I know that's just life in general these days for everyone, but because I ran out of time to post yet again today, I thought I'd hand over my blog to a guest writer for once....

Although Mufftypup was very keen to begin with...she tended to become distracted very easily. Typically chatting with pooch pals on facebook...

 ......she decided she might blog about her hero...Dr Chris Brown....yes he's a vet, but have you seen him? He can clip my nails any day....
Two hours later still no post....(sigh)...what can you do? You just can't get the staff these days!

Maybe I should try to tweet instead? Nah...I'd rather gruff!

Come on....let's go outside and play!
I'll leave the posting to you....there's always tomorrow....
it's a whole new day untouched

How could I resist that face and those eye's ^..^ 
That's my knee that she's giving her paw to....whilst I tried to photograph her.

Have a great day....she did  ~ enjoy!


  1. Dear muffy
    Have you ever thought of writing a problem page ?
    Well here's mine - Billy the yorkie keeps coming in my house and pinching all my toys. Mum says she is not keeping the door shut because it is to warm.
    Should I bite him or call the dog warden to cart him off.
    Bobby the papillon
    Ps. It's bad enough having to cope with the Doodly Birds pinching my biscuits

    1. Hi there Bobby,
      Neesie has let me come back to help you out...how did you know I have a 'pooches problems page'?
      Anyway, you do seem to be having a lot to cope with just now, so let’s get to the serious problem of Billy first. It seems to me that Billy has a territorial issue...by the fact he doesn’t seem to have a territory, he thinks it’s ALL his!

      As you’re having a warm spell over you’re way at the moment, I think it’s an ideal time to bring in the big guns. You need a water pistol to be more precise. I think you probably know where I going with this one ;D

      So each time ‘Burglar Billy’ gains entry to your place uninvited and plays with your toys without permission, then Mum should give him a quick squirt with lukewarm water (don’t want any legal issues arising) and that way he’ll soon learn to ask or decide perhaps you’re toys aren’t so good after all.

      I personally share my toys with my visitors...especially Zac (he particularly loves the squeaky, noisy ones, and my ball with the rope through it) Well it’s just a thought!

      Now on to those Doodly Birds...well really Bobby, let’s think this though...how many birds are we talking about? I’ve seen them and they are so cute and petite that I really don’t think they would devour ALL of your biscuits. Maybe it might be a good thing...a blessing in disguise....you know a few less biscuits?
      Well with summer arriving and the lady pooches out enjoying their walks in the sun...you wouldn’t want to be carrying excess baggage would you? Much better to be ‘Bonnie Bobby’ not ‘Bouncing Bobby’! Trust me I’m a lady...I know these things ;D

      Maybe in the interest of your health Bobby, you should try to shed some of these anxiety issues.
      Remember we share this planet! ^..^

  2. She is one cute pup. Adorable. Zo xx

    1. You're telling me Zo...she knows she's a cutie and not afraid to use it!
      It works everytime ;D

  3. oh my what a lovely lovely post, sigh,,,

    1. Thanks Laurie...it was quite fun and obviously Muffy hasn't a problem with being the star of the show...diva that she is!

  4. Wee Mufftypup.. Is GORGEOUS... blow the blogging when you can spend time with this little cutie!! Love her... Hugs May x x x

    1. She has a way of winning everyone's affection May...but when you look like that it's not surprising.
      She's 8 now and still looks such a pup! If only I knew her secret...maybe it's just having extremely good digs!
      Have a terrific Tuesday ;D

  5. Awwww.. that is illegally cute! I just got back from walking my Eddie and he had a quick drink only to coem running back to me with a look that said "ok... we can go AGAIN now if you like..." (!?) I'd love to have his energy! The book mark you made was a real cutie too! Sending you lots of creative vibes! xx

    1. I'm being gruffed at as I type, by a pooch clutching her ball...she's resting it on my foot, so that I can't ignore her!
      They certainly know how to work the system.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting...I hope you're week is going well. Have fun :D

  6. cuteset guest post I have seen in a long time... muffin needs a big hug from me and a lick from Mushu... love all the head tilts.... too cute... made my day...xx

    1. Hehe thanks Trace,
      she'd love all of that and more...such an attention seeker!
      I was talking to her whilst taking the photos so hence the headtilting. She knows how to work a crowd! ^..^

  7. What a sweet post Neesie!! Our Mitzie is the same way. She can tolerate us being on the computer only for so long . . . then our time MUST be given over to her!! That's why I am often late reading and commenting! We do love our furry family don't we! They're the best. xxoo

    1. So glad you liked it Marie,
      Mufftypup plays up every afternoon lately...obviously I'll have to walk further in a morning. The cooler weather must agree with her and she's feeling feisty!
      I agree they are the best xoxo

  8. puppy dog eyes - how can you resist them? I think a dog can look right into our heart - and it seems like they always like what they see too - no wonder they are our best friends :)

    1. Those eyes kill me and she knows it!
      I try so hard to be top dog, but really who am I trying to kid? ^..^
      She knows better!
      Have a wonderful Wednesday Kimmie and thanks for stopping by. :D

  9. Your little guest blogger is adorable; what a delightful helper. I have fallen head over heals for your art work. You are one creative lady. I am your newest follower. Please accept my warm and humble invitation to visit and hopefully to follow my blog, too. Connie :)

    1. Hi there Connie, thank you so much for joining me. It's a real compliment and you say such wonderful things...you'll make me blush!
      Madame Guest Blog writer (Mufftypup) is waiting for her walk just now, so I'll nip over to visit your place later today.
      Thanks again for popping in...have a wonderful wednesday ;D


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