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Tuesday 8 May 2012

Seven Seas of Rye

Seven Seas of Rye.....

‘Seven Seas’ of Rye became our weekend retreat for a much needed rejuvenation of our batteries a few weeks ago. The house was perfect and so homely with everything we could need and then some. If you would like to take a peek at the interior and further details just click here

The first evening we had a BBQ ~ the garden was so large at the rear that an impromptu footy match kicked off. Also table tennis equipment, darts and a soccer table available, so the boys were quickly in full activity mode...which was wonderful to see. 
Not a mobile phone in sight!

Rye is situated on the Mornington Peninsula, which is just a short drive outside of Melbourne, so a perfect location when you want to nip away for a few days, but still be on hand if need be. It really does feel a different world from the city.  

Rye extends southwards across the narrow width of the Mornington, right down to the coastline fronting the open waters of Bass Strait. The Mornington Peninsula National Park spans the foreshore here, consisting of scenic walking tracks, rocky coastal features, dunes and pockets of sandy beach. A pathway and steps extends from Tasman Drive down to the sandy bay at Number 16 Beach.

We had some really great weather on the Saturday so it had to be spent appreciating the beach. We virtually had it to ourselves. The sand and surf were brilliant... couldn’t you just sit and watch the waves for hours....I know I could.
There’s something about smooth, clean untouched fresh sand that makes me just want to put footprints all over it...(maybe that’s a little too much information).

Yep they are my footprints...I couldn’t resist making my mark!

And then there's the waves....fantastic surfing!

 I have to confess I didn't venture in...but I know a man that did!

 We obviously had to sample the local recommended fare...visiting Peninsula Pantry for breakfast....
It can be a little tricky to locate so maybe check out their link here to make sure you find it. 

 Do you know how looooong I had to wait for these chairs to be vacant before I could take the photo? It's such a popular place for brekky.
But then look what was inside....and this was only one counter!
Because it was the weekend and everyone knows that calories don't count at the weekend, we sampled lots of culinary delights. 
Steam the Asian Restaurant is highly recommended... I'm sorry no personal photos on this occasion but the boy's people tend to get a little techy when food is delayed due to photographic opportunities! 

Steam in essence is hot, fresh and clean... these are the qualities reflected in their modern Asian fusion style menu. If you enjoy fresh and local seafood ~ look no further you will be in your element.

After all this self indulgence there's only one way to end the day....at the Peninsula Hot Spring...ahh...now 's that's special.


Peninsula Hot Springs is the first natural hot springs day spa centre in Victoria, Australia.
Natural hot mineral waters flow into the thermal pools and private baths providing the idyllic setting for relaxation and rejuvenation. There are two main areas - the Bath house, which offers over 25 bathing experiences and the Spa Dreaming Centre, which offer a wide variety of treatments and private mineral baths. The 50°C naturally hot mineral spring water flows from an underground aquifer 637 metres below the surface. The water  runs untouched direct from the source to the pools, which range between 37°C and 43°C. 
Peninsula Hot Springs thermal mineral water contains a range of naturally occurring minerals including sulphur, calcium, magnesium, potassium and many others and is classified as a “Sodium Chloride Bicarbonate Spring” (Na-Cl.HCO3). If you're into the science of it all....personally I just love the heat ;D
The Bath House has over 20 bathing experiences on offer with areas suitable for visitors of all ages including a Hill Top pool (right) with 360 deg views, reflexology walk, Turkish steam room, sauna, cave pool, family bathing area, 16 years+ bathing area and many more.  Lunches and light morning and afternoon snacks are provided too, just in case you get a little peckish. Plus they are open from 7:30 am till 10 pm daily. AGAIN...perfect!
Because the Seven Sea's accommodation is located so handy to the Springs, it was brilliant to nip later in the evening with the added bonus of their cheaper rate! How convenient and luxurious to have a hot spring on your doorstep. No personal photo here due to the fact I didn't want to try and carry a camera around the springs, but mainly because you're NOT seeing me in my cossie! No matter what! Trust me I know what's best....

Now what would be next on an indulgence break....to visit a winery of course. So where was the nearest vineyard to the house....The Cups Estate located on the Browns Road, Fingal. When we first arrived a huge shower lashed down, but suprisingly as the wine tasting got under way the sun came out!

The Cups Estate story is one which began in 1955 whilst a young Joe Fisicaro was working on his grandfather’s farm in Balranald- Southern NSW. Whilst toiling in the fields he dreamt of one day owning a farm and producing the same quality produce his grandfather had achieved. Years passed but the seed to plant a vineyard was sewn in those early years. To read more about the interesting family business click on the link here.

The cellar door takes advantage of breathtaking views with its floor to ceiling windows and round bar. It overlooks the vineyard, neighbouring Moonah Links Golf Course and the magnificent dune region known as ‘the cups’.

We did arrive a little late in the afternoon, but that didn't deter the staff from making us feel welcome.  
Patrick the wine taster appeared magically (like a genie from the bottle literally) as if from nowhere within minutes of our arrival. His expertise was second to none but with such a friendly approach. Although my OH might not agree I think we still have so much to learn and Patrick was very patient with us. If you visit The Cups Estate' say 'Hi' from us.

 In fact all the staff were very friendly and the kitchen produced beautiful chocolate and mascaponi desserts, plus tea and coffee even though the kitchen had shut 10 minutes earlier. Now that really impressed me :D

Another end to a perfect day....sitting and eating whilst gazing over the landscape, offered a great atmosphere of relaxed fun..

 And yes you guessed it....after sampling numerous wines we had to bring a few box away. Well who could resist? The Merlot in particular.
Certainly not us...so we will enjoy a glass and reminise over the coming months.

 Oh and we did manage to visit Rosebud and Sorrento too...both being so close.

 Sorrento has a rich history believed to be the first European settlement in Victoria discovered in 1803 and later developed as a tourist destination for the rich and famous by George Coppin from the 1870’s. It is in this era that some of the magnificent limestone buildings were built in the township.There's lots of interesting sights and buildings to check out ~ not to mention the shops of course.

My SiL and I wandered through the many beautiful galleries and shops. (Ooops I said not to mention the shops) But isn't it complulsory for females to shop wherever they go?

After an intensive search she successfully purchased a beautiful painting from the above gallery, which hopefully is winging it's way from sunny Sorrento to unfortunately chilly Cheshire in the UK, as I type! The painting is a beach scene which hopefully will radiate light and warmth for years to come.
Meanwhile as long as my son received regular calorific intake of gigantic proportions, he managed the traumas of accompanying us. No wonder he's 6'....

Unfortunately my OH could only sneak a peek at the nearby golf courses available due to time restraints, but then I'd have liked to have taken one of the many horse-riding opportunities too...so there's nothing for it...we just HAVE to go back and soon!
 The perfect weekend getaway all within just over an hours drive away from Melbourne's CBD...rather special I think ;D


  1. I enjoyed vacationing with you though your words and pictures. You have it really Nice there:)

    1. Shhh....don't tell everyone Joy, it's a secret...otherwise everyone will want to come here.
      I know I'm extremely lucky, so I'm trying to make the most of my time here.
      I'm so glad that you enjoyed your little trip! ;D
      Have a great week...keep smiling :D

  2. wow, what a nice visit and beautiful pictures Neesie!! I am so impressed. That sarnie looks really good to, and I am now wondering what it was. lol That's me, food, food . . . food. xxoo

    1. Well, I shall put you out of your misery Marie...it was just a burger.
      But even here the burgers are special. This sarnie was packed with salad and accompanied with chips, so my son agree's with you on food, food...food! LOL :D

  3. Wow looks amazing, glad you had a lovely time, that beach is beautiful and the house, well it's gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. Zo xx

    1. It was quite a post Zo...and I became aware half way through that it was turning into 'War and Peace' but there's so much down there that I wanted to share.
      I'm just watching Masterchef Australia and all the contestants are cooking with produce from the Mornington Peninsula! ;D
      The house was really great and so homely that we all immediately felt right at home.
      I'm glad you enjoyed your little trip with me.
      Have a great day!

  4. What a delightful spot to vacation. Thanks for the tour.

    1. It was like home away from home...if you see what I mean ;D
      Great for a quick break.
      Thanks for popping by for a visit...have a great day :D

  5. What beautiful photos of a beautiful place, Neesie! Wish it wasn't so far away or I'd join you lol!! Thanks for sharing, and for brightening my day.


    1. It's not far Shoshi...just 12,000 miles that's all.
      I'm so happy you liked the little trip and my photos. I really get such a buzz out of taking them and blogging.
      I think I drive my family mad sometimes always seeing things through a bloggers eye! Lol ;D


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