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Friday 18 May 2012

Magpies....one for sorry...two for joy.....

Just to finish off the Magpie post from Wednesday...here's the star of the show....
Handsome isn't he (well I think he's a he or he is in my mind but please correct me if I'm wrong?)

The photo was taken yesterday at my friends house....as I've mentioned previously the family of four magpies  visit her daily.
Unfortunately, this next photo is blurred but then try telling hungry excitable magpies to sit still for the camera and basically you can whistle!!!
 The one on the right is throwing his head back and....chorkling

If you'd like to see the different between an Australian Magpie and a UK magpie then click here for the UK details. They are much smaller and make a completely different chattering sound.

Here's proof that they do actually take the food out of the hand...but with that beak I'm prepared to stand back and watch...I like having all my fingers thank you very much! ;D

The other two magpies are younger and a little nervous so they watched from the roof ~ well Zac and Muffin were sitting at our feet so who can blame them...I think they're pretty switched on birds knowing the dangers (hardly with both Muffy and Zac, but they don't know they're soft as butter) but also where the best restaurant in town is located!

Then if you're lucky you may be able to gently stroke them!
At this stage I was going to take a video of them but my camera batteries died...story of my life...ho hum :$

Anyway...must dash I've got so much to fit in today it's not funny.
I hope you're looking forward to the weekend and have lots planned.
Whatever you get up to ~ enjoy! Keep smiling ;D


  1. Fabulous photographs Neesie! amazing really! Thanks so much for sharing! xxoo

    1. My pleasure Marie,
      Now you've caught up with my posts I'll have to definitely visit you soon...maybe after the creme brulee's are done :D

      It's Friday night now so I'm away to have fun ~ enjoy your weekend xoxo

  2. Oh my, they do look much bigger than over here, but am amazed they let your friends feed and stroke them! Stunning birds, so much more so than ours! Zo xx

    1. THEY ARE Zo! Huge to the UK ones. A lot like a ravens size really.

      I'm just calling her 'Bird Woman' now because they really are wild birds but they know they're onto a good thing ;D

      Have a wonderful fun packed weekend ~ but no football :$
      Well whatever you get up to...enjoy!

  3. Birds are very intelligent creatures.It is amazing to have the honour of letting themselves be petted and fed. We have tame white (wild) doves who bring their babies for us to feed until they are independent enough to look for other territory/nesting sites.

    1. Hi Judy,
      I've always thought it's a priviledge to have birds visit and to feed them, but to have them eat out of your hand is really something special.
      How lucky we are to have them, if even for a short while...it must be lovely to have your own dove family. ;D

      Have a wonderful weekend ~ enjoy!

  4. they are beauties!! I just love them, like crows only fancier!
    I have started my new blog, I hope you will find me,

    1. Hello Laurie...oh I'm so happy to hear from you. I've been wondering how you are ;D
      I'll certaiinly visit your new blog asap.
      Thanks for popping over to my place...the magpies are very majestic aren't they? They've been calling, chorkling and chattering in the garden this morning.
      Have a wonderful weekend xoxo

  5. They are so beautiful and clever. They have us all on a string, how can you resist when they knock on the window and look so hungry. Beautiful photos.

    1. They remind me of my son Von, he certainly knows how to work the system for food ;D
      Hope you had a great weekend and are ready for a creative week ahead. xox


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