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Monday, 20 August 2012

A Simple Woman's Daybook...

FOR TODAY ~ Monday 20th August 2012

Outside my window...I normally write my daybook when I first wake, but I thought 3.34am was a little too early. It's the time that I can often wake...the time when ideas, plans and designs plus blog posts pop into my head...but unfortunately later when I'm really awake those ideas are a little sketchy. I keep a pen and pad on my bedside cabinet just to make sure I capture them...but so many times I'm in that floaty dreamlike state that I actually forget to write them down! It's not until I try to recapture them later that I realise I really should make the effort! 
But how could I describe what was outside my window at that time of the morning when the blinds are down and everywhere was enveloped in darkness. If I took a peak outside I'd probably see me looking at me...in the reflection. Not a pretty sight at that time of the day believe me! Scary!!!!
So here I am a little later now...the sun is being very shy lately or maybe it's away on holiday? I just know I'd like it to come back...and soon please! Everywhere is quite still with just the odd waving tree branch here and there. The refuse trucks have done their wheels round the circuits grabbing bins as they fly by with flashing lights and screechy breaks...is it any wonder I can't hear any birds?
Oh at least here comes the sun....whoohoo!

I am thinking...How pleased I am that Callum Hann is no longer the MasterChef Bridesmaid...last night he won the Australian MasterChef All Stars title and thus won $20,000 for his chosen charity ~ the Cancer Council. 
I first saw Callum when he appeared in 2010. Then at the age of 19,  he was the youngest contestant and he narrowly missed the winner's title by a few points. It's been wonderful seeing him progress and expand his culinary expertise to reach his goals. No one deserves it more.
He seems such a grounded nice guy too and even when winning the prize money he took time to announce he'd like to donate half of the money to the runner up Chris' chose charity (Lort Smith Animal Hospital).

I am thankful...The internet, for giving the possibility to meet, learn from & share with many so incredible things. I can't imagine life without it now.

In the kitchen...Lemon Drizzle Cake I know its appeared before but there are so many wonderful lemons around right now and this cake is soooooooooo simple to make plus my OH requested it. He hasn't a sweet tooth https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1511767.gifso I'm not sure why he keeps asking for this cake!!!
I am wearing...Working from the toes up...socks, knee high boots, skinny jeans, white 3/4 length arm sleeved under t-shirt, navy loose t-shirt over the top, multi-coloured pashmina...(shhh...yes its a new one) 
I didn't finish the daybook first thing so its later now ~  I've been to two earlier appointments already! 
Busy day ;D
I am creating...a design which is only in it's infancy at the moment. The idea came to me during the early hours...nothing new there! Hopefully if it germinates (there's a clue there) then you may see it later in the week.

I am going...As mentioned above I've got a few appointments this week that if I told you about I'd be here too long and I'd miss them! Enough said ;D


I am wondering...why is it that if you have something special it breaks or gets lost!?! 
Something that has no sentimental value whatsoever just sits around or hides in a draw or box forever. 
I'm rather upset this morning because I'm bare necked...yep...in my nakey and I don't like it. My beautiful necklace that my OH went out, chose himself and wrapped specially for my Christmas present, broke last night! It just came off due to a link breaking.
This is the second one that needs repairing as the first chain broke after only a few months....my OH was told it's not an everyday piece of jewellers....but I want to wear it ~ everyday! There's obviously a flaw in the design, but then I love it and don't want it replaced. Oh well it's back for repair when I can fit in a trip to the shop. :$

I'm reading...Yay...something different this week...at last I hear you say!
Now when you read the synopsis you may think this one isn't for me...it sounds so depressing but let me tell you somehow it isn't... the writing is lucid, with precise and memorable images. It is a novel built on acute character observation, told with great beauty and that rare thing in fiction: genuine poignancy."
'The Meaning of Grace by Deborah Forester'

'Mum is the reference point. If you ever get confused about anything, there she is, waiting with all her knowledge of you.'
Grace Fisher, mother of three, one day decides her husband is a sore disappointment and moves the family from Melbourne to a coastal village in Victoria. But Ian's slow dissolution on the couch masked a depression that will harrow him into an early grave, leaving the kids with a lifetime of questioning: what happened to their father; how did he get so sad? Between their father's demise and Grace's hardscrabble existence working at a local bakery, each child is left to find meaning on their own. Edie, the eldest child, locks herself into a romantic ideal so lofty that it can't help but fail. The middle child, Juliet, struts and careens through life, filling it only with what she can seduce, steal and manipulate. Sibling rivalry between sisters proves the slowest and fiercest of burns. Love comes easily for Ted, the youngest, but when his wife abandons him to raise two daughters on his own, the perils of fatherhood are laid bare.
When Grace, the distant, imperfect hub of the family, is diagnosed with terminal cancer, the siblings are forced to confront each other as adults, and come to understand their mother.
Written with her hallmark warmth, humour and deftness of observation, Deborah Forster's follow-up novel to the Miles Franklin shortlisted The Book of Emmett is a moving story of the loves and rivalries that burn at the heart of every family, and the meaning that comes from it.

About the Author....

Deborah Forster grew up in Footscray, Melbourne. She worked as a staff and freelance journalist for many years and was a This Life columnist on The Age and The Sunday Age. Deborah Foster is married to Alan Kohler and they have three children. The Book of Emmett, her first novel, received the Dobbie Prize and was shortlisted for the Prime Minister's Literature Prize and the Miles Franklin Award.

I am hoping...that my children find their passion and can pursue their dreams.

I am looking forward to...my son has just added...making him crêpes !!!
The real answer for me would be to have the chance to visit lots of interesting places...which should happen quite soon because my OH has booked some time off work!
Watch out for some travel blogs soon ;D
Around the house...a playful pooch that doesn't like me sitting here at my laptop when there's toys to be chased. Her gentle constant little gruff is so powerful. It seeps into your very being...until you submit to her demands. ^..^

A favourite quote for today..."Don't count every hour in the day; make every hour in the day count!"

One of my favourite things...Listening to good music all day every day. Don't ask me to list what music I like because it can be from any era and a very wide genre. I'm very often found to be singing at the top of my voice...when the house is empty preferably but then that's not always the case if the right record plays.
I think music is so incredibily powerful.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Work, rest and play but not necessarily in that order : D
A peek into my day...  
 Whilst walking we suddenly became aware of seeds dropping down from above... look who was having a lovely al fresco breakfast!....

 The Rainbow Lorikeet (Trichoglossus haematodus) is a species of Australasian parrot found in Australia, eastern Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.
One of the most colourful of Australia's parrots, the rainbow lorikeet has a dark blue head with a yellowy green collar. It has a red beak. Its belly is violet and it's chest orange. Its back and tail are green and when its wings are stretched, they are orange underneath. There are yellow patches on their thighs.
They are about 32 cm long, including their tail. Males and females look alike.
They have a brush tongue to get nectar from the flowers but they also eat fruit, seeds (as shown here by our model) and sometimes insects. They fly extremely fast and make lots of noise!  
I would have to be feeling very brave to wear that much colour all at once, but obviously the rainbow lorikeet has no problem!

 So that's it for this week; I hope you enjoyed your visit. Don't forget to pop over to The Simple Womans Daybook and check out the other day book entries
Have a fabulous week and hopefully the sun will shine wherever you are : D


  1. Love your daybook as always Denise. I know what you mean about the internet. I can remember 20 years ago someone telling me that one day everyone would have a computer in their home and thinking why the heck would they want one??? Now I cannot imagine being without one. Perhaps I rely on it too much??? nah!! xxoo

    1. Hi Marie,
      Now this is just between you and me...when I was working years and years ago...(and this is the secret bit because people will then know I must be ancient)...the computer room used to be a whole building!!!
      Mind boggling isn't it? How quickly things have advanced. I'm determined to try and keep up but...phewph...it is a challenge at times. I'm not sure I'm winning either ;D
      I hope your new week is off to a great start ~ have fun xoxo

  2. Hi Neesie, unfortunately I can remember when computers took up the whole room too! I also remember saying I would not be caught dead using www. - and here I am, still alive and kicking - well maybe not the kicking bit. My OH does not have a sweet tooth either - how funny that they both love the things they say they don't! Great daybook today Neesie, nice to know what you are up to.....Crafty hugs, Anne x

    1. Hi Anne,
      It's nice to know I'm not alone...it's good of you to fess up and join me. LOL
      Hubby sampling cake as I type ;D
      I'll so glad you enjoyed the daybook. I haven't written one for a while. I had so many stops and starts with appointments that I've no idea what I wrote about. Maybe I should read it again :D
      I hope your week has got off to a good start ~ have fun and hopefully you'll be kicking again soon! xoxo

  3. I love the peek into your day,

    1. I'm so happy you love to peek....peek away Laurie! xoxo

  4. Hi Neesie,
    In my return visit to you I have really enjoyed my browse through several of your recent posts. A different world and a different life, a different climate and flora and fauna! Thanks for sharing.
    I originally popped in to say that I too never knew the connotations of "muffin" !!! Thanks for the fun!
    JoZarty x

    1. Hi JoZarty,
      I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed your browse.
      I must admit I'm always a little bothered that I can't get to see other peoples posts except the Wednesday desks...but now I've started to peak before and after that day (well it takes me that long to visit anyway it's normally nearer the weekend by the time I get there) and it's great to see all the interesting blogs out there.
      I know I won't get to visit everyone but those I do visit I feel I've given them some time rather than a quick desk hop! :D

      Less said the better about Mufftypup I think! ^..^

      Have a great week and thanks for popping back to my place ;D

  5. The parrots are stunning, wish we had beautiful birds like that around here! As for the necklace, I've always heard that if you take on and off a necklace, bracelet, etc. every day that it weakens the clasp...is that what broke?, or just the chain itself? Stop being so rough! lol Just teasing you..;) waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

    1. Hi sandee, how's it going...as they say here?
      Well as to whether or not I'm too rough (cheeky ;D) I thought it better to once I put it on...I'd leave it on...and I suppose that worked because the clasp wasn't the problem! It was a link.

      It'll probably stay in the envelope for months now waiting for repair unless I get my act together!

      I hope you're having another relaxing week ~ enjoy :D

  6. Hello Neesie,
    The Doodly Birds say Hi and hope you have had a good day. Here's a funny thing to say -I've been to one of the happiest funerals I've ever been to. A lovely man who has 5 daughters, a son, numerous grand children and great grandchildren. Loved his wife for over 60 years. They have a farm shop, tearoom and milk round as well as a farm. All of which he built up and all the family work there. What an absolute pleasure to know them all.
    Now tomorrow I start work on a Doodly bird scarecrow for the local scarecrow festival next week. Stay tuned for more news.
    Lynn x x

    1. Hi to you and your Doodly Birds,
      Isn't that a wonderful tribute to a life well spent! I think that's what a funeral should be like, but unfortunately so rarely are.

      I love the idea of a local scarecrow festival...I'll look forward to seeing your entry and hearing all about it...have fun! :D

  7. Hello!

    Loved reading your post! Thank you for the great book review - I love to read and am definitely going to order this one from the library! The photo of the Lorikeet is so beautiful! To think you get to see them in real life! Wishing you a wonderful week - love the quote - will keep it handy!


    Barbara Diane

    1. Hello Barbara Diane,
      The Daybook gives a more detailed peak into what's going on in my part of the world on that particular day...I so glad you liked it.
      It can take quite a time to write, as I have to stop in the 'now' and think a little more deeply about what's going on.
      Sometimes we are so busy we don't get to stop and appreciate the important things that matter. It seems to be a popular post ;D

      To capture a good photo of the lorikeets can be challenging to say the least. Today I tried to capture a photo of a tiny blue wren...but he was far to quick for me and my lens.

      I hope you have a wonderful week too ~ have fun and thanks for popping by my place! :D

  8. The book sounds good, especially the way you describe it.....beautiful bird.
    Mama Bear

    1. Thanks Mama Bear,
      I'm enjoying reading it...it's different than my recent material which is always refreshing.
      Thanks for stopping my ~ have a great week! ;D

  9. Holy moly! I love all this sharing....some with a touch of whimsy, some with a touch of heart (sounds just like you :) - I'd imagine the best part is forcing yourself to take a moment and think about you, your day, your life and stay connected, grounded. What an excellent exercise.

    1. It is exactly that Terrie, a really good exercise in stopping in the 'Now'...even if it's only for a short time. ;D
      I find that I think about things that would just otherwise get lost in the busy whirlwind that is my normal day!
      The post seems to be quite popular too, which never ceases to amaze me...how people out there in the Blogosphere can be interested in my natterings! :D
      Have a great day and thanks for leaving such a lovely comment...I really appreciate it!

  10. I love reading these. You are an interesting lady with a unique perspective and I enjoy these peeks into your day! :):)


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