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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday 165 (WOYWW)

Can you see me??? Can you see me now????
We have fog here this morning, so you might have difficulty seeing my workdesk!
There's not a lot happening so maybe that's a good thing that you can't see?
But then we are supposed to show our workspace warts and all....so here you are....

(Apologies for the poor quality photos today, but as I mentioned the light wasn't very good first thing this morning...but I'm happy to report the sun has broken through now)

I'm still working in the dining room, but I thought I'd show you what happens when you move out of a space for a while...other things take over!
The black bin bags are from my son's room...he's had a clear out of his clothes...there's going to be a lot of happy people at the charity shop with some of these designer clothes...that's the trouble when you grow tall suddenly everything no longer fits!
The towels hanging around are for the dogs...Muffy and Zac have to have a footbath (or should that be pawbath) everytime we return from our morning walk.  Thank goodness this studio has a sink and lots of unit space...perfect for a dog to shake off the excess water everywhere...oh joy ^..^
The lounger cushions have just landed after we had a good day and sat out with a pot bellied fire.
My walking boots are resting by the door after walking this morning...eagerly waiting for their next outing!
In the far left bottom corner you can just see something white ~ this is the basket full of ironing calling my name but I'm not listening.

On another table nearby we have these lemon lovelies....that I'd like to share with you....the freesia's are my favourite flowers :D
The small dish hold grapefruits that some kind neighbour had put in a box on her wall for anyone to take...how kind and neighbourly is that?

And lastly I'd like to tell you about last night.....

I was invited to the Twenty Melbourne Painters Society 2012 Art Exhibition Opening Night.
This is the third year that I've had the priviledge to attend. and yet again it was a fabulous night with some exquisite work on display. It is wonderful to mix with these amazingly talented artists and as you can imagine incredibly inspiring too. If you are interested or have time please take a look here.  
My favourite artists are Herman Pekel and Joseph Zubvic...who do you like?

Lastly, I thought I'd let you see the Kookaburra...he's coming along but slowly.
I hope to finish him later today. I know I've said that before but today I'm determined.
I'm going to do one copy just black and white and then I'd like to draw another with some blue feathers. I'm still contemplating what to do for the background...any ideas welcome.

If you're new to the term WOYWW or just here for the first time and wonder what on earth I'm talking about....then take a look at Julia's blog at Stamping Ground

I'd just like to thank everyone who visited my place during last week...I really love to chat with you even if it is just briefly, even better if you've decided to follow me. Just so that you know...I do a little dance here whenever I see a new follower...so thank you if you already follow me. :D
If I didn't visit your desk I apologise...it's not that I don't want to...it's just I need to sleep sometime, but I will try again this week :D
Have fun desk hopping everyone!


  1. I love Mr Kookaburra, maybe you could do just a sprig of gum leaves in the background, cos you know he always sits in the old gumtree (she says singing the tune, boy are you lucky you can't hear me!!) Your presently unused studio looks tidier than my used room :) Had a look at that chefs painting, boy I wish I could paint like that.
    I bet the room smells glorious with those freesias in there. My chickens dug up the ones that come up each year, gotta hate that.
    Have a great week, it's freezing up here.
    Von #35

    1. Thanks Von, I think the gum leaves are a good idea and also having my laptop on mute!!! ;D
      I adore Joseph Zbuvic's work ~ just check out his website if you get a chance....he's amazing.
      Freesia fragrance is wafting wonderfully. They always make me smile.
      I'm not sure I'd be happy with the chooks but then I do fancy having some myself...it must be fantastic to just collect your own eggs.
      Thanks for popping in...Enjoy your desk hopping and I'll see you in the playroom soon :D

  2. Looking good! I don't know what to tell you on the kookaburra, other than it is so pretty as it is. :)

    1. Hi Rita,
      Thanks for stopping by...I think he just needs a little something more but not sure. I've got a few ideas so we'll see.
      Enjoy your desk hopping ~ have fun!

  3. Your kookaburra is coming along beautifully. Love the idea of the pawbath after walk with the dogs. Must check out those artists, always lovely to see what is happening in Melbourne.
    Sandra @36

    1. Thanks Sandra,
      I've just come up with another design for a reptile, so I'll have to move him on quickly now...he's been hanging around far too long.
      I'm not sure I love the idea of the pawbaths...and when it's chilly I don't think they do either, although you can see them relax once they submerge into the warm water. It's when they come out that's the problem...they tear around the house so hyper and excited!
      Take a peak into the website for the various artist...they are all amazing but as I said I have my favourite.
      Check out Joseph Zbubric's website ( http://jzbukvic.com/) and see lots of his amazing work. He truly is a master.

  4. What a delightful room you have there - so bright, white and airy. I can imagine that basket of grapefruit sitting there against the white - lovely.
    No ideas on the kookaburra drawing but he is lovely.
    Thanks for sharing - Hugs, neet xx #27

    1. Hi Neet,
      Well the studio is perfect during the spring and summer months especially with so many windows ~ the light is perfect and just makes you want to draw.
      It's quite common to have baskets, pots and boxes at the end of peoples driveways here, giving their home produce away. I think this is such a wonderful thing to do. It's a really neighbourly jesture. :D
      Don't worry about Mr Kookaburra...he's going to be fine ;D
      Enjoy your desk hopping ~ have lots of fun!

  5. Your drawing is turning out awesome as usual. What about a beautiful, blue sky for his background? Dani#26

    1. Thanks Dani I really appreciate your lovely comment.
      I want to put some blue on Kookaburra No 2 but it'll be on the feathers on his side. I never realised that they have amazing blue on them until I did a closer study for this design.
      I'll be sure to let everyone see the colour versions once I get my act together.
      Happy WOYWW ~ enjoy :D

    2. Hey Danielle, just noticed you're my latest follower....
      (hang on I need to do my little dance)....thank you so much.
      I hope you enjoy your visits as much as I enjoy posting.
      I'll have the kettle on next time you pop by :D
      Ciao for now x

  6. That painting is amazing looks so lifelike, I think it would look at lot better in your kitchen as well. Oh Mr kookaburra is looking great i like the idea of the gum leaves as well. Sandy :) #43

    1. Oh I think so too...I'm glad you agree Sandy (hehe) ;D
      Yep I think gum leaves will do very nicely.
      Thanks for poppiing over to my place and leaving a lovely comment...I really appreciate it :D
      Happy WOYWW ~ enjoy!

  7. Your painting /penwork is superb. I can't wait to see this finished.
    Lovely studio...everything so handy. And windows too!

    1. Aww thank you so much. I've just drawn yet another design before I've finished the Kookaburra ~ will I never learn! But I'm fired up again over the last day or so and want to do so much ;D

      Just wait until you see the studio in the summer...the light is wonderful...I can't wait.
      Thanks for stopping by ~ I really appreciate it.
      Have a great week :D

  8. Aaah freesias! They are wonderful things.Evoke Spring like no other flowers.
    It was 3 degrees this morning in Adelaide (South Australia). That's cold!!
    Love the kookaburra!Love your Zentangling!
    Judy #20

    1. I know I've always adored them. They are my favourites but there again, I do love all flowers ;D
      I think we were 4 degrees here in Melbourne...and with the fog it was a little parky as they say.
      Thanks for popping over to my place and commenting Judy...it's always great to see you.
      I hope life in Adelaide is treating you well. I'll be starting my visiting tomorrow. See you then :D
      Enjoy WOYWW!

  9. Love Mr Kookaburra! Also your very tidy desk....Have a great week, Helen 24

    1. Thanks Helen...I'm just needing to finish him off now.
      Enjoy your desk hopping...I'll be joining in tomorrow.
      Have fun ;D

  10. Your kookaburra is totally fabulous! I don't know anything about them apart from that song too, so a gum tree seems about right to me ;)
    Love the idea of neighbours putting produce out for each other, so friendly
    ENjoy the rest of your WOYWW :0)

    1. They are pretty amazing and as I mentioned I didn't realise that they have beautiful blue feathers until I took a closer look.
      I haven't hear one laugh for quite a few months now, but hopefully with spring on its way soon, I will. They sound amazing and always make me smile when I hear one :D

      I have to say when people put out a box of fruit, it does really make you feel that things aren't so bad...there's still some community spirit out there ;D
      Thanks for stopping by and I'll pop across to peek at you tomorrow.
      Have fun with WOYWW

  11. Hi Neesie, freesia is my favourite flower too, the smell is just divine, quite like the smell of fresh lemons too and yours look so lovely. Went over and had a quick peek, the chef is a brilliant artist - oh how I wish.....your Studio still looks amazing even with the extra bits. The kookaburra looks wonderful, I don't think he needs too much else, maybe just a few leaves in the background. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #58

    1. Yep the freesias and lemons look very springlike on my table and the smell is amazing.
      I'm glad you went to peak at the chef painting...awesome isn't it...you can virtually feel the heat from the kitchen.
      If you get a chance, take a look at his website...Joseph is definitely a master painter. There's some incredible work and interesting facts and details.
      Just a few leaves will be added hopefully tomorrow to finish off the Kookaburra...I've also got the platypus and a frog to get to, once I finish my artist playroom entry for Friday! Diddledeedee...diddledeedee!
      I'll be calling tomorrow...so pop the kettle on Anne ;D
      Enjoy your desk hopping ~ Have fun!

  12. Oh the fressias are beauties aren't they..I had 'em in my wedding bouquet and I love 'em. The world turns and you've managed a short time sitting outside, so things are improving..had to LOL at Judy's 3 degrees...it IS cold I know, but really, it was only 10 degrees here when I got up and we're in midsummer!!

    1. Me too Julia...great minds think alike eh? ;D
      It was a short time sitting out with a lovely fire roaring but at least we did it. Hopefully we'll be able to do it more regularly soon.
      I know it is winter here but it's nothing like a UK winter and I notice that the UK summer temperatures are very similar to what we're getting! Incredible but then that's why I'm here ;D
      Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule Julia ~ I really appreciate it. Also thanks for hosting this WOYWW world!

  13. Yes - freesias are my favourites and also Mum's - her birthday today. Also had them in my wedding bouquet too. Yours are glorious. Happy Yorkshire Day! x Jo

    1. Now are you ready for this Jo...?
      Freesias are my absolute favourite and I converted my Mum to them and it would have been her birthday today too only sadly she passed away two years ago....AND I had them in my wedding bouquet too!!!
      What do you make of that then?
      I wasn't even aware it was Yorkshire Day so thanks for keeping me informed. Have a great day and thanks for popping over to my place.
      Great to see you ;D
      Have fun!

  14. Beautiful freesias and a handsome little kookaburra you've treated us to this week! Happy WOYWW! Victoria no.71

    1. Hehe...thanks Victoria,
      I do my best ;D
      Thanks for stopping by...I really appreciate it. I'll be off desk hopping later after our doggy walk!
      Happy WOYWW to you too!

  15. Super art as always. I find bags sneak into my craft room too, in fact I have some now ready to go elsewhere! Take care Lovely. Zo xx

    1. Hi Zo,
      Hope your tickertyboo today ;D
      It is amazing how those bags breed isn't it!
      Thanks for popping over...I'll be on my way to you a little later this morning ~ so pop the kettle on.
      Enjoy your day :D

  16. Your kookaburra is fantastic! I am not very talented at drawing, so no suggestions at yhis time. :)
    Mary Jo #107

    1. Hi Mary Jo,
      That's fine I just thought I'd ask the question to see what everyone thought.
      Thanks for taking the time to nip over to my space.
      I'll be desk hopping a little later so will see you then.
      Have fun :D

  17. The art exhibition sounds wonderful. You're so lucky to be part of something like that!

    1. Oh I know Beth...I've been involved and had the priviledge to see some wonderful exhibitions. Melbourne is incredible for all the various Arts and I've made use of my time here. ;D
      Thanks for stopping by ~ have a great day!

  18. Looks to me like your studio has tons of light - and what a convenience to have those sinks nearby! Mr Kookaburra is adorable - maybe you could have a couple of leaf tips just peeking in from the top to put a little pattern up there and not detract from him? That's some amazing tangling goin' on there....

    1. Morning Terrie...well it's morning here anyway,
      The studio is great for light but I just need a little heat now. I couldn't even put a heater in there because there are vented slats under the windows, which let in an incredible amount of air through...which at the moment is rather chilly.
      Later it will be wonderful and keep the room cool, but I'll have to wait for that ;D
      I like your idea's for the Kookaburra...and I'll get to him but I'm concentrating on the APR challenge today. I promised Jenn that I'd put more time into the challenge this week! So far I'm doing okay ~ I like the idea but just need to get the execution right! Fingers crossed :D
      p.s. and there's not a 'tangle in sight!

  19. Hi Neesie!
    I just got back yesterday and with so many emails and other stuff, I couldn't possibly get to the party today :(
    Congratulations on the art exhibit!!
    Your bird tangle is AWESOME!!

    1. HELLO Daniella, great to have you back! :D
      I'll pop the kettle on and you can tell me all about it once you've caught up ;D
      Thanks for taking the time to visit me when you are probably knee deep in laundry!
      Just remember everything doesn't have to be done in a day ;D

  20. Love your artwork... I would love to see greenery and sky around him... Great news that you got to go to the art exhibit again....Gorgeous freesias.. and lemons.. Great post... Have a happy week, Hugs May x x x#12

    1. Hi May,
      Greenery will have to come on the colour version May...but it will come I promise.
      There are so many galleries and art exhibitions here that you could possibly visit one a day! How amazing is that? :D
      Thanks for popping over May...it's always good to see you.
      I'll be getting ready to desk hope as soon as these dogs have had their walk...pop that kettle on ;D

  21. Love your bird! So much detail! Looks like a great labor of love. And your studio is so well lit! Anyway, thanks for visiting my space and happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #106

    1. I do love to do this kind of drawing Carol...I find it so relaxing.
      The trouble is that I can't find enough time to do all that I'd like but that's life I suppose.
      So I'll just keep juggling the plates! ;D
      Thanks for stopping by my space ~ I really appreciate it.
      Have fun with WOYWW ~ enjoy :D

    2. Carol, I've tried numerous times to send this comment through to your email address but it keeps bouncing back. Not sure why sorry!

  22. LOVE freesia's, they smell divine!! Your drawing is just fabulous, wow! Thinking that when your dogs shake, to hold a piece of paper out and see what kind of background you get! lol waving hi from the awesome hills of North Carolina :)

    1. Now why didn't I think of that Sandee? I normally just throw the towel over them as quickly as possible to stop the spray. Hmm...maybe if I put some colour into the water...say pink for instance and then let them spray...that could be really cool!
      Not sure my son would like to walk a pink pooch though. :$

  23. I think my brain is going to mush really I do, I thought I left a comment on here last night about your beautiful Kooka, but I can't find it. He is so handsome, what an awesome job you have done. Love the new space you have shown us this week. I do believe I could move in and mess that space up easy peasy. LOL

    Happy crafting
    Eliza #16 again

    1. Oh I know the feeling so well Eliza,
      You didn't have one eye on the Olympics whilst blogging did you? Because that's what I was doing ;D
      Happy to hear you like the Kooka. I've got three other designs backup up so I better get busy!
      Everyone seems to be making a good job of messing my studio but I don't mind for now...but when the weather warms a little (oh I hope soon) then I'll be in there and taking it back as MINE ALL MINE!!!
      Thanks for popping by for the second time...I really appreciate it and I'm just going to whisk off to your's so pop the kettle on!
      Have a fun packed week ~ enjoy! :D

  24. The kookaburra seems to be coming along nicely. He is very detailed. I don't think you want to do much to the background as it might distract from him. I also have to say I don't think I realized a kookaburra was a bird. I think I though a lemur was a kookaburra which makes no sense because a lemur is a lemur. Love the flowers. Your grapefruit make me giggle because they are so tiny. We have a tree in our yard and it makes softball sized grapefruit. Well, it is trying to. It took a hard freeze this past winter and is struggling to return. It usually does a couple of crops a year but so far we've had none. Lots of green grapefruit up there now though.

    1. A Lemur!!!! Are you serious? Well now you know. :D
      Yep the Koobaburra is nearly complete but for a few gum leaves, as I don't want to detract from him being the star of the show.
      Hey...there's nothing wrong with small grapefruit especially when they're free. LOL
      I must say I did make that comment myself that I'd never seen them so small...but beggars can't be choosers! ;D
      It must be fantastic to have your own tree. Let's just hope they all ripen.
      Enjoy your weekend!

  25. Everyone is tidying up and clearing out this week. Your drawing of the kooka is awesome.

    1. Thanks Carol...he should be finished today ;D
      Have a wonderful weekend whatever you get up to ~ enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

  26. Hi Neesie,

    I didn't read the other comments so if I'm repeating I apologize. The first thing that popped into my mind regarding the background for the kookaburra is gum tree leaves. I have no idea what they look like, but as I've said before, I remember that song from my childhood. Just brings back memories or carefree summer days and playing outside.

    So glad you were invited to the Art opening. You are very talented. I'll have to go check out the post and see what eye candy I find.

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay #31

    1. Yep your right Kay...gum leaves it is. I've already started to pencil them in so it won't be long now until he's done. I've got two more designs waiting in the wings which I'm excited about so I need to move on.
      I think everyone knows that song no matter where you live in the world.
      Good luck with the post box...and thanks for popping over here.
      Have a wonderful weekend and I hope to see you soon ;D

  27. Love your foggy morning pic!!! You have a beautiful table too!! And I love the basket and fruit and flowers!

    I'm having a giveaway, open worldwide this week. Come check it out if you get the chance!

    Amy E. #30

    1. Hi Amy,
      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment. I appreciate it ;D
      I'll pop over to take a peek at your giveaway later :D
      Have a super weekend ~ enjoy!

  28. Oooh that Kooka is terrific. I think he's a young one with a fuzzy top-knot. They look so cute.
    Are you going to be able to occupy the study soon? I'm not sure why you are not there apart from it being too cold, is that so? Anyway, with freezias on the way and the wattle starting to come out, I always feel as though we're past mid-winter. Had a gorgeous day today, lunch on the terrace watching the gymnastics of the birds taking honey from the flowering gums.
    Take care,
    Ros. #60

    1. Morning Ros,
      You could be right about the Kooka being a young one, because when I came across him...he didn't seem to mind that I got quite close to him with my camera. He just sat there looking at me looking at him!
      I'm going to add some gum leaves today and then he's done ;D

      The studio light is really looking good but it's way too cold in there still. If it wasn't I'd be back in there like a shot!
      Even a heater wouldn't be able to heat the space because there's too many vents etc. so I'll carry on and wait. At least with my work I can move to another room easily.

      I took a wonderful photo yesterday of the wattle in full glorious flower which was stunning against the blue sky...I'll probably be posting it in the next few days.

      Oh lunch on the terrace sounds wonderful Ros...I adore having the time to sit and take in all the birds and surroundings.

      I really must answer one of your emails that's still sitting in my inbox...I think it would be a great idea to meet up :D

  29. Hi Neesie, I do like the cool calmness of your studio - very appealing. And those lovely lemons and grapefruits are tempting too - just think of the lemonade that could be made with them is making my mouth water. The Kookaburra is beautiful - he has a sweet little head. Hope it warms up enough soon to allow you work in the studio. Hope, too, that you are enjoying the weekend. Elizabeth x #63

    1. Hi Elizabeth...can you imagine? I've never actually made lemonade before! Shocking I know, but now I think I'll have to start. I used 10 lemons yesterday to make a lemon tart (http://neesienatters.blogspot.com.au/2010/08/classic-lemon-tartyummy.html) but there's still so many left.
      I'm going to add the gum leaves to Mr Kookaburra today and will perhaps show him off next week...plus he may have a friend with him by then, if I can get busy!
      The sun is beaming through the window this morning, but there's a very chilly breeze, so it'll be a little while longer before I get to work in the studio.
      Have a wonderful weekend :D


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