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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday 166 (WOYWW)

Hey...it's Wednesday yet again!!! 
Can I just ask a question?....who took July?!?!?!
If you're new to the term WOYWW or just here for the first time and wonder what on earth  I'm talking about....then take a look at Julia's blog at Stamping Ground
Basically on a Wednesday it's time to open you're door and let everyone in to see what you're up to...well on you workdesk that is! Visitors can come from all over the world and the group is growing....
 There are so many talented artists and crafters out there...there's always something to capture your interest or inspire you.
So let me show you what's happening on my desk this week....
 Once again my poor dining room table is my workdesk but at least it's getting lots of attention.

 I'm so glad that I snapped this shot yesterday afternoon after I'd been pretending it was summer. I'd been outside gardening...yep it's calls finally got through to me and I spent a few wonderful hours pottering...well bent double weeding actually! :$
When I entered the dining room the late afternoon sun was streaming in through the window, so I thought I'd photograph it there and then.
I'm so glad I did because my summer pretence has been shattered this morning...the wind is blowing a hoolie, the windows are rattling and there's a very wintery sky out there. Rain is undoubtedly on it's way....but if that's the case....that could mean a day to spend drawing! whoohoo :D

So as you can probably see Mr Kookaburra is finally finished! Yay....and I love him!

 There's also my book that I supposedly have to finish reading...the book club meeting is tonight!
Also the keen snoopers out there will notice a coloured piece of artwork...I know that's unusual for me but I'm pushing myself and it's exciting. It's a frog and I hope to post it to the Artist Playroom later this week.
I'm still playing at the moment.
And so in order to keep this brief I think I'll end there...
I'd just like to thank everyone who visited my place during last week...I really love to chat with you even if it is only briefly, even better if you've decided to follow me. Just so that you know...I do a little dance here whenever I see a new follower...so keep me dancing  :D
If I didn't visit your desk I apologise...it's not that I don't want to...it's just I need to sleep sometime, but I will try again this week :D
Have fun desk hopping everyone!


  1. your desk looks beautiful with the light creating shadows and light patches, the candle sticks are so elegant and work as always is just beautiful!

    1. Hi Laurie,
      Great to see you here...thanks for your lovely comment as usual.
      It's a good job I took that photo yesterday because it's not so great today. Maybe just the kind of day to finish my book and carry on drawing/painting...ahhh...sounds good.
      Take care and keep in touch xoxo

  2. Golly, your table looks awesome and so does your bird. I'm so glad to see a photo, because I didn't see one at Julia's and a couple other blogs. Thought it was just me!

    No number, but here's my link:


    1. Thanks Elizabeth,
      I was beginning to wonder what was happening this morning too but thankfully after visiting a few desks it just seems to be the odd blogger blip!
      I've already nipped over to your place...impressed eh?
      So enjoy WOYWW and let's hope Mr Linky decides to come back soon :D

  3. You're nice and early this morning, I haven't even started anything yet. Too bloomin cold!!
    I really love Mr Kookaburra, those gum leaves really finish him off. Just perfect. I blew up your desk shot and the colours on froggy look gorgeous. I still haven't been able to have a real play with my inktenses. I'm playing with gloopy stuff, so will post this afternoon. Sorry your weather isn't the best, we are freezing but sunny.
    Von (no number yet, I haven't even written a post!!)

    1. So what you being doing this morning then...come on Von! ;D
      Hey...I bet we're colder here! AND NO SUN! The temperature reads 8 degrees!!!
      You blew up my desk shot???? Really...Von now that's snooping on a whole new level! LOL Now I'm glad I polished the table earlier in the week.
      So you've now seen my froggy...but he's not done yet, so you'll have to wait until Friday for that. I'm still playing with the pencils and think I've got a long way to go.
      Gloopy sounds much more fun!
      Enjoy WOYWW whenever you get your act together ;D (hehe)xox

  4. Lovely to see that light pouring through the window, hard to believe it's winter for you. Love the little Kookaburra (are they little??), I always like the noise they make on Aussie tv shows, they're something quintessentially Australian to me, like Koala's or Roo's! Froggy looks great too, can't believe anything by you wouldn't be great! I will admit to being the slowest knitter in the history of slow knitters but I persevere! Not bad for a self taught knitter though!! Hope you got some brekkie!

    Brenda (with no number yet but it doesn't matter cause you've been already!!)

    1. Well it was lovely Brenda but that was yesterday and today is a whole new ball game...and a cold one at that!
      I agree with you the Kookaburra's call is so Aussie and wonderful to hear in real life. It always stops me in my tracks to listen and appreciate. They are kind of small but in a stocky big way if you see what I mean? :$
      I think you're knitting is great especially for a new knitter...heaven knows how mine would turn out?
      Thanks for your visit and kind comments :D
      Brekkie already done and dusted...waiting for lunch now!

  5. Hi Neesie,

    Funny, how we are getting a bit of desk hopping without the linky thingy on Julia's blog! Mr. Kookaburra looks amazing. yes, I spotted the colored piece of work - can't wait to see Mr. Froggy.

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay (I'm sure I'll be in triple digits by the time everything comes together....)

    1. Hi Kay...I visited a few desks first thing this morning, even though Mr Linky had gone AWOL. I thought I'd get a head start on my desk hopping...but then I had to disappear for a few appointments. ;D
      I've just nipped back in now before I'm off again this afternoon...diddledee dee, diddledee dee!
      I'm really pleased with the Kookaburra and am hopeful that the frog comes together too.
      I'll pop over to your place to see what you're up to...Thanks for
      stopping by.
      Happy WOYWW to you too...regardless of what numbers we end up with! :D

  6. Hi Neesie.... here we are, trolling along doing WOYWW all on our lonesome without Julia - hope things are OK with her and that it proves just to be Blogger.

    The kookaburra is absolutely fantastic - and is that a Lazy Susan centre to your dining room table? Wheeeee, what fun at dinner parties if it is - I'd be a very bad and childish guest and spend time spinning it round :)

    Shame you can't help here today, sigh, I'll eat your ham stottie sandwich instead then.

    Happy WOYWW!

    Hugs, Di xx

    1. It is indeed a Lazy Susan Di...you would have such fun I'm sure sending all my dinner guests giddy and the food flying! ;D
      Thanks for popping over and leaving a lovely comment as usual.
      I hope your production line was a big success and the stottie sandwiches of course!
      Happy WOYWW ~ enjoy :D

  7. Must say that is a jolly "posh" desk to work at especially with the candle sticks - LOL. Your Kookaburra is such a cheeky chappie, the detail is as amazing as ever. I did the same thing in the garden yesterday too, managed to buy some Begonias and popped them in and then reclaimed some more garden from what I think were weeds and now need some more Begonias - typical! BJ with no number either, really thought Julia would have spotted it by now, bet she is having a lie-in.

    1. I have my standards BJ. ;D (lol)
      I'm glad you like the Kookaburra too. I'm really pleased with how he turned out.
      Begonias used to be my Mum's favourite flower...they'll certainly give a wonderful splash of colour to your garden...much better than the weeds.
      Great to have you visit again....enjoy WOYWW!

  8. Love the finished art!! Hope you enjoy book club too. Sounds like you may have to read the end first (I hate doing that)... Have a good day. Helen, 4

    1. Hi Helen,
      I had a fantastic night with a great group of really good girlfriends ~ thanks ;D
      (Gasp) I could never read the end of a book first!!!
      No I'm still reading it through and am almost there. It's been a really good book but I haven't given it the time it deserves unfortunatley.
      The next book for our club is a thinny (LOL)
      Have a great day too ~ enjoy! :D

  9. I forget to follow - so have just done, so...get your happy dance on!! Silly! I did a double take at the box of colurs, decided just for a split second that it was an ipad with a pic on it...then did the sensible thing and looked properly! The Kookaburra is awesome girl, just awesome.

    1. WOOHOO...doing my happy dance here Julia! Thanks so much. :D
      Unfortunately Julia I am one of those people that don't have an ipad ~ unbelievable I know but true. It's on my wish list but I do love my little laptop. It's been on an incredible journey with me through blogland.
      Thanks for taking the time out of your hectic schedule to visit me and to follow. I'm a happy bunny! ;D

  10. Hi Neesie, love Mr Kookaburra! Not joining in WOYWW this week, bit below par, hope the Olympics will cheer me up a bit, but just wanted to say hi! Crafty hugs, Anne x

    1. Aww Anne, I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope it's not too serious and that you'll be feeling better soon.
      I'll pop over to check on you as soon as I can. I'll make the tea don't worry ;D
      I can't believe you visited but thank you ~ I really appreciate it.
      Team GB is doing so well that it's got to make you smile...I know it does for me :D

  11. wow!! what a stunning drawing!! sooo intricate!
    i love the silver candlesticks - such class :)
    happy WOYWW!!
    no. 11

    1. I'm a classy lady Claire (LOL) Listen to me!!!
      I'm happy to hear you like my drawing because I adore doing them.
      It's always good to get feedback and even better when it's so positive!
      Happy WOYWW to you too :D

  12. Hi Nessie I see you have another excellent work of art on your desk. I hope soon I will have time to look deeper into your older posts to look at more of your wonderful work. What I need is a weeks holiday!!

    Have a good week

    1. I must say I always have a little giggle when I see your user name...you must tell me one day how it came to be. ;D
      I think we could all do with a weeks holiday Julie...me especially. I've not been anyway for over two years and it's telling :$
      I often want to find more time to visit further into people's blogs but I just can't seem to find that extra time.
      If only we didn't need to sleep :D
      Have a wonderful week too ~ enjoy!

  13. Hi Nessie.. Mr Kookaburra is Fabulous.. love him!! you clever girl.. I love the effect of the added leaves he's perfect! Thank you so much for your visit.. Hugs May x x x#41

    1. Hi May,
      Yep I think the leaves nailed it! I'm really pleased with him and quite excited to see him made into a card...hopefully by next week!
      Thanks for popping by again...it's always great to see you.
      Have a wonderful WOYWW :D

  14. Everyone loves Mr Kooka including me Neesie. When we lived on acreage in the hinterland these guys used to sit on our fence, didn't like them eating the little skinks though lol. My favourites though were the King Parrots which I eventually was able to entice down to eat from my hand....gosh I miss them.

    Have a great crafty week.
    Cheers, Elaine #28

    1. Oh how special that must have been Elaine,
      I'd love to be able to entice the birds to come and eat from my hand. I've got a seed block hanging but they aren't even coming to that. :(
      You'll have to tell me your secret ;D
      Have a great creative week ~ enjoy and thanks for popping by.

  15. Very cool doodle bird, so much time and effort really pays off in the end, I don't think I would have the patients.
    Happy WOYWW Hugz Minxy #50

    1. Hi Minky,
      I don't think I really thought too much about how much was involved ..I just really enjoyed drawing him.
      I was pleased with the result which is an added bonus.
      Now I can move onto the next design itching to get to paper!
      Happy WOYWW too ;D

  16. Beautiful artwork as usual Nessie. Have made a note of the book - will check it out on Amazon - any good?

    Happy WOYWW.
    Ann B

    1. Yes Anne, I can recommend it. I just haven't given it the time I should have...but then it's difficult to spin all the plates at once.
      All the girls from the book club last night agreed that it was a good read. :D
      If you look in my sidebar the link to the book through amazon is there, you can then read more about it to make up your mind.
      Have a fun time with WOYWW and thanks for stopping by my place ;D

  17. Your Kookaburra is awesome Neesie! I'm working on my APR too, scrapped the one I started last nigh, grr, lol. Your froggy will be super cute I'm guessing.
    I hope the wind settles soon and the temp doesn't drop too much more for you. It's lovely sitting in the sun behind glass on the cooler days isn't it - unless it's on the laptop screen that is, lol.
    ttfn, Mo x

    1. Well I'm wondering whether to redo the frog or not...I'll see how I go today. I can't wait to see what you're up to for APR... I'm always so amazed at all the brilliant work that's submitted.
      We're not bad here today weather wise...it's brighter but still very chilly. But I'll have to wrap up to walk the dogs.
      Thanks for popping by my place and good luck with the piece you're working on. ;D

  18. Kooka is just perfect what a wonderful creation, can I keep him LOL Yes that sunshine was lovely but we are paying for it today, it is bitterly cold and I think it is nearly snowing.

    Happy zentangling in colour.

    Eliza #30

    1. No I'm afraid he's mine and I'm quite attached to him Eliza (lol);D
      In fact I'm quite attached to all my drawings...I think I'm just so happy that I'm finally back doing art again after 12 years!
      Nearly snowing!!! Oh my I can't believe it!
      Thanks for stopping to comment...I love visitors popping in :D
      Enjoy WOYWW.

  19. Neesie, your kookaburra drawing is amazing. I love your art!! So talented... Thanks for your lovely comment. I'll keep quiet about the Assies and the Olympics lol! Yayy for GB and how well we are doing though ROFL!! It's really nice to be able to watch it live at a sensible hour, but the trouble is I miss half the morning's sessions because I'm still tucked up in bed.

    We may have found our ideal home, but it can't be ours until my parents' house is sold, and so far no sign of that. It's been on the market nearly all year. I was hoping we'd get them moved in the spring. Beastly economy. Nothing's moving at all, it seems. If we do get that house, it means I'll be able to take time organising my new ARTHaven, and it's something I'm really looking forward to.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #50

    1. Thanks so much Shoshi....from one 'tangler to another ;D
      I am having such fun drawing them I can't tell you...but then you probably know anyway.
      I've still got the Platypus to draw...so hopefully he may be next.

      I hope the property market improves and you can get your parents moved before the winter sets in...fingers crossed.
      Have fun desk hopping ~ Enjoy! :D

  20. Hi Nessie that's a fabulous drawing, such detail gorgeous! I've also got my eye on your candlesticks x Happy WOYWW toni x

    1. Keep your eyes off my candlesticks toni!!! LOL ;D
      I had to laugh when I looked back over some of my previous desk shots, as you can see the candles have burned down. This week they're new ones!
      They seem to have caused a stir around WOYWW.
      Thanks for your comment ~ I appreciate it.
      Happy WOYWW to you too :D

  21. Wonderful drawing. Thanks for sharing your workspace. Hope you have a good week. Hazel WOYWW #99 x

    1. My pleasure Hazel...Have a great week too.
      Happy WOYWW! :D

  22. Love your drawing! Wish we could have a pretend summer over here, it was SNOWING yesterday! It NEVER snowa in Africa dammit! I am Freezing my behind off! Can you tell I don't like the cold?
    Happy WOYWW
    Tertia 86

    1. Are you serious Tertia??? What's going on?
      You sound just like me with the cold....I shut down when I'm chilly. My tolerence level is 16 degrees so that can be quite often.
      Oh my...I've just looked out of the window and we're having a hail storm!!!
      Well that's me set for a drawing day!
      Happy WOYWW too ~ enjoy :D

  23. Super stunning as always, you mean you get sun in the Winter? Wow I mean we hardly get sun in the Summer over here ;) !!!! Though to be fair it is pleasantly warm today but still cloudy grey. Take care & enjoy snooping this week. Zo xx 77

    1. Cloudy grey...yep we've got that today...and even a quick burst of hail just for good measure!
      What a mix :$
      Yesterday the birds were collecting nest material!
      If you notice my new header...that was just the other day...a stunningly blue clear sky! Brilliant to lift the spirit.
      I hope you're doing well and getting ready for the new footy season!
      Enjoy WOYWW ~ have fun :D

  24. The kookaburra is stunning, you must have the patience of a saint! I did a small bird for IA this week and you would have thought I had zentangled a mural! lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

    1. Hehe...I'll look forward to seeing your bird Sandee.
      I don't tend to think about what's involved or how long it might take me...I just love to draw them.
      Maybe it's because it makes my brain go into neutral...although my hubby would probably say I'm always in neutral!
      I'm thinking of entering into IA for the first time this week...maybe see you there. ;D
      Have a fun creative week and thanks for popping by.

  25. Hi Neesie! Interesting weather you are having! Glad you got out yesterday. You know your proud bird is amazing!!!
    I hope you get that book finished before the meeting!!

    1. Hey Daniella,
      Interesting...hmmm...let me think about that because we have just had a hail storm! It looks reasonable first thing this morning and then I just look up out of the window and whoomph...hail!
      I didn't manage to finish the book before the meeting, but it was a great night anyway...they're a very forgiving bunch because there's always someone who hasn't managed to finish in time. Last night there were three of us...so I wasn't alone and didn't get detention either ;D
      Glad you like the Kookaburra. Have fun and enjoy WOYWW! xox

  26. That is one very elegant desk :) I'm supposed to be finishing a book too but between crafting, blogging and the Olympics it SO isn't happening. Cath x

    1. I know Cath...how is a girl suppose to fit all this into her day!
      It really is a challenge. ;D
      I'm so glad that you fitted me in though...it's great to get such good feedback. I don't think my Mojo will go missing for another 12 years anytime soon.
      Enjoy the rest of the games and good luck with the book :D

  27. Kookaburra sits in an old gum tree... that song takes me back to my school days! He's very handsome, I can see why you love him so much!!
    Hugs, LLJ #13 xx

    1. Yep that's the one...although you owe some royalty payment to the songwriter now for singing it! LOL ;D
      I think he's handsome too, so we both have good taste!
      Have fun with desk hopping...thanks for popping by too.
      Happy WOYWW!

  28. It's nice to see you are getting some sunshine. I forget you are in the opposite season to me here in Spain. We are pushing 40º here this week, and it is sooo hot.
    Your kookaburra is fantastic. I wish I had the patience to do all of that.
    I have blog candy on offer so feel free to sign up to be in with a chance to win.
    Kate #25

    1. Hi Kate...can you send me some of your heat today please because we're in the middle of a hail storm! I can't believe it as the birds were collecting twigs for nest building yesterday...they'll be so comfused but then so are we!
      I'm glad to hear you like my work...and blog candy sounds good.
      I'll be nipping across to Spain as soon as I can :D
      Enjoy WOYWW!

  29. just to keep you dancing, I love a boogie me.
    your kookaborough (spelling?) is gorgeous , it would make a great rubber stamp
    janet #120 ( see I found you )

    1. It's like a zumba class here this morning Janet. Yay!
      Thank you so much for finding and following me. I hope you enjoy your visits. :D
      I really need to look into how to make my designs into stamps...I have no idea but it's been mentioned more than once...so maybe I should listen and find out what to do!

      Have fun with WOYWW and thanks again ;D

  30. Hi Neesie,
    The kooka looks fabulous. You've done such a great job. Now don't despair about the rain - this is normal for August, how it always was until ten years ago. Down on the Peninsula this morning we had we had hail, rain and shine. I don't wish for another decade of drought but the experts all say it will happen.
    I was up in town again yesterday and dodging showers between having meals and coffees in cosy places with friends.
    Happy days,
    Ros #16

    1. Thanks Ros...I was really quite happy with him.
      I wouldn't want to wish another drought on anyone and although I moaned a little I really don't mind the rain.
      Especially after living in the Middle East ~ it gives you an appreciation of how precious water is.
      We've had the same weather up here...ever changing and covering the whole spectrum!
      Hmm...meals and coffee all cosy with friends sounds just the perfect way to spend these kind of days. I had my girlie fix last night at my book club. :D
      Happy days to you too and thanks for popping by!

  31. Happy Woyww, it's good to be back and snooping. your work as always is looking fantastic, love mr froggie from above.
    have a great week, mark

    1. Welcome back,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment ~ I appreciate it ;D
      Oh and you managed to see the frog too.
      Have a fantastic Friday and great weekend. :D

  32. Hi Neesie, one of the advantages of being late to WOYWW is that I get to see more recent posts and I've seen the frog - brilliant! I've also read your next post giving an entertaining insight into your world. And the final Kookaburra is stunning.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend - hope the sun shines for you. Elizabeth x #18

    1. I'm happy to here that you've enjoyed reading some of my other posts Elizabeth. I would love more time to read into people's blogs when visiting the WOYWW gang, but as you know it's quite a task with so many in the group.
      I haven't managed to visit as many as I would like this week but we'll see how the weekend goes...maybe I'll manage to squeeze in a few more desk hops!
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment. I really love to have you visit. Enjoy your weekend and ooh the sun has just arrived ~ whoohoo! :D


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