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Friday, 24 August 2012

Artist Play Room....Illustrate A Word

Hey it's Friday...so let's play a little game today shall we? 
What about you have to guess the word?
I'll give you clues as we go along...and you shout out when you think you know what that word is ~ peeasers!
Let's begin....

It can start your day off just right...making you leap out of bed ready to take on the day whatever it brings 
(no not caffine, although that works for me)
When it's not around...we miss it so much we yearn for it...even travelling miles in pursuit of it.
(no not chocolate....although I possibly could... scaling mountain heights and swimming oceans...
oh bother, see now I've got to go and get a bar ...)

It needs to be treated with respect and we need to be careful how much we indulge
 (nah...red wine's good for you...I'm sure I read it somewhere?)

Getting warmer??? https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1511766.gif (clue)

We can feel full of life and become incredibly active...wanting to do anything and everything
(I have to say here and now...this is not me diving...
when I enter the water, I'm like an Olympian diver...there's hardly a ripple!...cough)

or just kick back and chill....
 now this is more like it....cheers! (any closer yet?)

Too much....(sizzle)...

And too little...(brrr)...you need to find the right balance...

There's nothing better than finding the right spot.....(Ahhhh)...and some have this skill better than others...
Did you shout something there...? I'm guessing you've got it by now....

Wonders can unfold under it's power....

And finally amazing sights can give a perfect display at the close of day...
You must know by now....the word is.....(drum roll please...)

And so what was all this fun and hilarity about, I hear you ask...other than it's nearly the weekend ....
Well it's Jenn at the Artist Play Room's challenge for this week.
Illustrate a word! 

I bite the bullet and opened my new art journal...and let me tell you it was scary...all those blank white pages staring back at me...new journal...new pencils...new techniques....my oh my...Jenn really pushes me
 (but in a positive good way of course :D) 
I start out at the beginning of the week wanting to do something serious, but by the time I finish my entry it always seems to be whimsical
I'm now wondering is this my style...I'm not sure I'm happy about that...
I'd love to do a serious masterpiece...but I guess that's never going to happen. Ho hum...

Now take a peek at what the other entrants have submitted...I know you'll have a great time seeing all the brilliant artists work.They'll blow you away with their talent...they do me every week.
Have a wonderful weekend ~ whatever you get up to and let's hope that sun shines! :D


  1. Love it! And I love your take in it more! Here's sending you some Perth sunshine to make sure that the weekend holds up perfectly! :-)

    1. Hey...it worked! The sun arrived this morning! It looks a little weak but maybe that's after it's journey here?
      I'm hoping it gets stronger as the day progresses :D
      Thanks for your kind comment yet again.
      Have a great weekend whatever you get up to ~ enjoy the sun and have fun! ;D

  2. Oh dear Neesie, I thought I got it right but I got it wrong! Thought it was 'idea! as in bright idea......I am going to the back of the class now as we speak......love all your pics, especially the sunset. Love your page too, very sunny indeed. Crafty hugs, Anne x

    1. Not at all Anne...it's the taking part that counts and certainly your enthusiasm makes you top of my class :D
      It was scary to start the journal but hopefully now I've started I'll just get right into it!
      Thanks for popping by...have a wonderful weekend with lots of ideas...'bright ideas' and sunlight! (hehe) ;D

  3. I guessed it early (nah nah), mainly because it finally came out recently.
    Spring is on the way, yippee. This is a really fabulous post, love the tootsies in the sun. You have covered the theme to perfection and your beautiful painting finishes it off just right. It is a masterpiece if you ask me, lovin the gold paint.

    1. I knew you would smarty pants! ;D
      Yep I think Spring's about to make it here too.
      I don't mind the tootsy so much, but I wish I'd have edited the 'ma..hoosive' thigh. Airbrush techniques aren't my forte but I may do some research! LOL

      You are too kind Von...I'm still having trouble liking these pencils but I'm carrying on regardless. Not sure for how much longer!
      I was tempted to do the challenge using silk paints but then it was Thurday before I knew it!
      Have a wonderful weekend ~ enjoy that sunlight! :D xoxo

  4. Whimsy is Good, it's never borning and you can take it in any direction your mind want s to take it... so be please with whimsical, I know I enjoy your style!!!
    What a cute idea to get everyone thinking first thing!!!

    1. Hmm...now there's a scary thought DottyA...let my mind take it in any direction it wants!!!
      Not sure you'll be ready for that or anyone else for that matter ;D

      Thanks for your lovely comment though ~ I really appreciate it :D

      Enjoy your weekend and let's hope the sun comes out to play too!

  5. Well Miss Smarty Pants here got it after the first clue! (uh-oh, head swelllli-i-ing - ugh - stuck in the doorway now!) hehe
    If I couldn't find any natural sunlight I could very happily stare at your picture all day, no probs! I'm LOVing it Neesie :-D And as there is no sun here today, I will keep popping back to view this beauty ;)
    I hope you're enjoying a relaxing evening and hope that breeze isn't too chilly, but it shouldn't be if the temp is still +9c with it :) Mind you we're only 14c and it's only just after midday! So +9 after 9pm is pretty ok in my book, lol. Enjoy perusing the other fabby APR pics :0)

    1. Well Miss Smarty Pants I knew you'd have no trouble guessing ;D
      What with your head stuck in the doorway and now after your lovely comments mine blood red and hot with blushing ~ we're a right pair!
      Only 14c is under my tolerance level (16c) so I'd not be a happy bunny...it's 9.30am on Saturday morning and reading 10c.
      Not bad I suppose but hopefully it'll warm up a little more as the day goes on.
      Have a great weekend whatever you get up to :D

  6. Yay!! I got it, after my first guess which was coffee....lol Great pictorial for your word, you are wonderfully expressive! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

    1. Top of the class Sandee, Gold Star for you!
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your lovely comment :D
      Have a good one! (weekend that is!) xoxo

  7. I got it right! I love the gold and yellow of your sun and the rosebud waiting to bloom. Like your style, lady! :):)

    1. Well done! A gold star for you too,
      I wish I did like my style Rita...but what can you do...the style just happens!
      At least with doing these challenges I'm hopeful that I might evolve over time ;D
      Have a wonderful weekend ~ enjoy and let's hope that sun does shine :D

  8. Brilliantly done, Neesie. (Brilliant = sunny. Get it?). Seriously, a great set of photos, illustrating the theme very well indeed.

    1. Hehe...clever clogs! Yes I got it Mark ;D
      Thanks for stopping by...I know you'd probably rather see plants in their natural surroundings but well at least the painting was a seedling!
      I'm needing spring warmth to start me germinating but hopefully it's on it's way. Less than a week until it's offical...Yay!
      Have a great weekend kneedeep in produce no doubt!
      Enjoy :D

  9. Fabulous post love it! I adore your sunlight page... great job.. Hugs May x x x

    1. Thanks May...the sun is streaming through the window now, so maybe it's going to stay? I do hope so ;D
      Have a wonderful weekend whatever you plan to do...no doubt lots of crafty things...have fun! xoxo

  10. That is a great post... loved all the photos and the first page of the new journal... I think new journal are two of the scariest words in the english language....we are in glorious sunny spring here today and as I type Mushu is lying on his back in the middle of the back yard having a good old sun bake... he is such a sun bunny... will have to pull out his sunscreen soon or else he ends up looking like the bunny in that Jerry Lewis movie... do you remember that??? I think it was Geisha girl... so classic...xx

    1. I'm still a wee bit shaky over the journal Trace... but I knew you'd understand ;D
      There's really no need to rub in your glorious weather by the way...I suppose you're jasmine has burst into flower too.
      I knew I'd lose that challenge. But at least I do have buds!

      I used to love Jerry Lewis movies but I didn't think you were old enough to know them...just shows you...you learn something new everyday! Ha! That's for you gloating over your weather ~ I just had to get you back :D)

      I'll be popping over soon ~ I'll assume the kettle will still be hot!
      Have a great weekend and I'll try ~ weather depending ~ ho hum! xoxo

  11. you seem to have gotten your wish my friend, all those australians are taking thier collective sweaters off at the same time. Your sun makes me wish it wasn't a rain day today, Canada is cooling down for fall. Pass those sweaters, will ya??

    1. Well yes Jenn, but not the one's living in Melbourne...let me tell you I'm keeping my fleece on...we've become very attached these days! :$
      Oh Cananda in the fall...WOW :D
      Just think about all the wonderful colours about to burst forth. Nature putting on her display to inspire us all.
      Have a wondeful weekend whatever you get up too. Enjoy!

  12. Oh, Neesie, this is splendid. I forgot all about guessing and just was awed at the ways you found to illustrate it. We are without it today in South Florida. Big old nasty Isaac or some such roaming in the Atlantic...
    BE well and keep laughing!!

    1. Hi Currie...well they are all my own photos and took me quite some time to find within my photo files!
      I'm so glad you enjoyed looking at them which makes it all worthwhile. ;D
      I don't think I like the sounds of Big Old Nasty Isaac lurking around...let's hope he decides to stay out at sea! :$
      I'll BE keeping my fingers crossed. BE safe and enjoy your Sunday :D

  13. Cool! I love art journals, because each page is an opportunity to explore, create, and grow. Blessings!

    1. Oh Arnoldo, I wish I had your enthusiasm for journals but hopefully I'll get better once I work my way into the pages.

      I'm looking forward to visiting to see what you've created once I finish Sunday lunch...or maybe that should be dinner now that it's getting late ;D

      Thanks for stopping by and giving encouragement. I appreciate it.

      Enjoy your day whatever you have planned. :D


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