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Saturday, 11 August 2012

The South Bank...Melbourne

I'm aware I been a little caught up with arty things of late and neglected my other posts, so to correct the balance today, I wonder if you'd be interested in taking a stroll with me along the South Bank of the Yarra River? 
The promenade is packed with cafes, shops and restaurants, with a sprinkling of upmarket hotels, major offices, public art and swish new apartments. 
The variety, and splendid city views, make it the perfect place for locals and visitors to drink, dine, stroll, and watch the occasional street performer. 
We did all of the above by the way.... ;D

Unfortunately I didn't have my old camera with me, so it was a case of trial and error using my son's camera. I just don't seem to be getting to grips with this new camera...but like any relationship, I suppose it'll take time.

There are very impressive huge gas flares that light up periodically along the bank...which decided to flare whilst my camera wasn't ready...and then disappeared for what seemed like hours! Yep, I waited to try and capture them for you, but it is winter here at the moment and you can only stand waiting for so long....I'll capture them some other time ~ promise!
But there are lots of other interesting sights to behold along the way...

 But I'm afraid we could only look...and drool....
We'd just eaten a beautiful seafood platter plus dessert so there was no room for these delights!
 Not even a scoop of fantastic gelato... :(

I know this post wasn't supposed to be an arty one, but I just couldn't resist.....

There is always something to catch your eye....

And if you don't fancy a stroll you can always go for a ride...

We declined even though my hubby is a cyclist...well we weren't wearing lycra for a start...
We'd certainly have got some funny looks...but then again...maybe not!
Melbourne is very into cycling at any time of the day or night.

This shot is of Flinders Station across the river...

Not the best of photographs...but it gives you a flavour...

After we walked across the bridge...the fireworks started but we had walked too far to capture them....Grrr!
I just think it was that kind of night...miss timed and wrong shutter speeds, but still every enjoyable.

Thanks for joining me...I hope you liked your stroll.
Have a wonderful weekend ~ and have lots of fun...and gelato if you can! :D


  1. REally enjoyed the stroll. Very nice city you have there:)Have a nice weekend.

    1. I'm so glad you could join me and enjoyed it Joy,
      There's just so much to see and do here...plus all the sights...it's difficult to pick out what to show you.
      Have a great weekend too :D

  2. Yes, I did really enjoy my stroll. I always enjoy photos of other countries. I might not ever get there so it is wonderful to see it all through someones lens.

    1. I do too...it's always so interesting and that's where I think blogging comes into it's own. You can visit anywhere at any time!
      Have a wonderful weekend...wherever you visit or whatever you do ;D
      Thanks for popping by!

  3. Oh wow these are amazing photos, the lights are stunning. I've always lived in rural towns so don't ever really see sights such as these unless I visit places. So I'm always wide-eyed and in awe of such scenes. Sounds like you had a lovely time. Take care Zo xx

    1. Well I know I would have taken better photos with my old camera but I'm glad you liked them. I sometimes forget that there's such a lively throbbing city just a short ride away! The city is so alive whatever time of night you visit!
      It's good to see, but I also like to leave it behind! ;D
      Enjoy your Sunday x

  4. Oh, these certainly gave us the flavor! And what delightful night shots!! Wow! Thanks for sharing some of where you live. :)

    1. My pleasure Rita...as I mentioned there's always so much happening here it's difficult to know what to capture. Maybe I should just do a random shot post where anything and everything can appear!
      Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great Sunday ;D

  5. such amazing place, I enjoyed my stroll very much!!!! Someday i will go there in real life, I just know it, I can feel it in my bones!

    1. I enjoyed our walk too Laurie...I'm so happy you enjoyed it ;D

      It's amazing how many people want to visit here and I do feel so privileged. I'm making sure I make the most of the time too. :D
      I hope all is well in your neck of the woods...
      I'll pop over soon xoxo

  6. Wow, Melbourne has bikes just like the London "Boris Bikes". I love the pavement art better though.

    1. Not so good on the photographs I'm afraid :(
      I just need to keep practicing with it, although I think I'd like the latest model of my old camera really...whoops that sounds like something my hubby might say...LOL
      Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great Sunday ~ enjoy! :D

  7. Gosh Neesie, Australia is so beautiful, I sure would love to come visit some day!!

    1. I wish I was paid for everytime someone says those words Jenn...I'd be megga rich!
      It is a fantastic place and I love it. Not sure how long we'll be here, but I'm making the most of the time.
      We are due to have some holidays soon, so I'll be able to show you more of the place...watch this space as they say! ;D
      Have a great Sunday and I'll catch up with you soon. xoxo

  8. I so SO loved this stroll with you, Neesie. It has been my dream for the last 20 years to go live in Australia. Of course, it's still a dream, but after this stroll with you, I feel even more certain it is someday going to BE!!

    And the photographs, if they aren't "the best" I surely think they are extraordinary. I have a thing for reflections and can just see so much potential in these. YUMMY!!

    So glad to have "met" you. It simply took forever, y'know?!

    1. Nah..I wasn't happy with the photos but I don't want it to stop me taking any...I've just got to practice. It'll come good in the end I suppose ;D
      I'm glad you liked the stroll. It was a lovely night and there's always something to capture your interest. Plus it's always good to have a walk after filling your tum to the brim with yummy food.
      Have a super Sunday ~ the sun's shining here so I'm off!!!

  9. What a great virtual stroll - your pictures really gave us the flavor of that section of Melbourne. Just lovely. And your night photography was great - you caught some reflections and the food shots came out well....no need to apologize, we can totally appreciate the beauty of your city.

    My hubby is a cyclist also and loves to ride. Me, not so much. I stay home and make art, he goes and rides his bike. Works for me! :)

    1. Just between you and me Terrie...I had quite a few shots that I couldn't use which was annoying. One in particular disappointed me because it had a gondola on the river! Strange but true!
      My hubby cycles into the CBD every day to his office, which gives him a good workout. (approx 34km) It saves having to find the time to visit a gym. There are fantastic cycle tracks right along the sports fields, river and into the city. At least there's no worry of traffic except of course other speeding cyclists...oh and those pesky dog walkers!!! ;D

  10. Hi Neesie, thank you so much for the wonderful stroll through your fabulous City. Lovely photos. Crafty hugs, Anne x

    1. Sorry for the delay Anne....I've been like a whirlwind trying to catch up on things that I've let slip...plus then the Games has been grabbing my attention...but I'm back now!
      I'm happy that you enjoyed your stroll with me...it was nice wasn't it, although later in the year when it's warmer would have been better. ;D
      We'll just have to do it again then :D

      I hope you've had a productive day like me, although maybe not, because I think I may have burnt myself out and there's still dinner to prepare! xox

  11. Looks lovely. I'd like some of the ice cream / gelato, looks delicious.

    1. It's on it's way Kelli ;D
      Have a great week and thanks for popping by...I'm thinking it's time I got to planting soon as the temperature starts to rise. Whoohoo :D

  12. What Fabulous pics of the great city Melbourne... I would love to visit Australia someday...I enjoyed our little stroll.. Brillant.. Hugs May x x x

    1. Come on down May...it's only 12,000 miles! Nae probs! ;D
      I think you'd love it...especially all the art galleries :D


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