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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Artist Play Room ~ Turquoise and Lime challenge

So what comes immediately to mind when you hear the two words...Turquoise and Lime? 
My first thought was to transport me to a tropical sandy beach...gazing at a beautiful turquoise tranquil sea whilst sipping a luscious cocktail under a brightly coloured umbrella....ahh...I really do need that holiday!
Where did the colour combo come from...why Jenn in the Artists Play Room of course...it's this week's challenge. Those colours just happen to be her favourite combo.
I love turquoise but I have to admit I'm not such a keen lime person...well not unless they're in my GnT of course! Then I love them! ;D
Back to the drawing board and the next image to come into my mind (I know it's a scary place but be brave and stick with me!) was a frog....
...I just couldn't get this image out of my mind...so here he is.....

It seems quite appropriate with having a very wet day here ....I'm beginning to think I'm going to have webbed feet myself soon.
I have gone over the lily and tweaked a little since I took this photo, but I can't take another at the moment because there's a hail storm happening and the light isn't good enough....
I AM living in Australia aren't I??? 
I'm also pushing the boat out today (sorry there seems to be a water theme running through today's post) as I'm entering into Inspiration Avenue's challenge for the first time... because it's a zentangle theme...so I couldn't resist...
Why don't you nip over to Jenn's place to see all the other artists ideas and interpretations on the theme...I think you'll enjoy your visit...there's always lots of amazing work to see....meanwhile I'll dry out on a lily pad...or better still maybe have a GnT ~ well the sun's gone down here...so it should be okay! :D


  1. ohh, something very different from you this time Denise!! Loving it! xxoo

    1. Aww thank you Marie...you're very kind.
      I'm quite happy with him too which is really unusual.
      I normally pull my work to pieces!
      I'm hoping to spend some time visiting soon if only I can drag my eyes away from the Olympics!
      Great to see you...have hope your week is going well ;D

  2. I'm loving your frog, he looks good enough to kiss!! Does a zentangled frog turn into a tattooed prince?? Just wonderin', hehehe.

    This is a spectacular entry into APR and I'm so glad you did since IA doesn't do wrap up posts anymore and your frog deserves to be shown off!
    Oh and you should know, you totally just made a friend and inherited a drinking partner. Mom LOVES Gn'T. She's unfortunately allergic to most other liquors so when she has a drink (sometimes I wish we both did drink like normal people, we forget what's in the liquor cabinet, wine can sit for YEARS) it's Gn'T. In fact, you've just inspired her to go look and discover that in fact she DOES have some Beefeater gin in the cabinet, me thinks she's going tonic shopping tomorrow morning!! Hehehe.

    Much love to my mom's new drinking buddy, bottom's up!! (oh, by the way, if that frog does turn into a handsome prince, tie him up and shove him in the nearest closet, call me, I'll send UPS.
    P.S. I drink fuzzy navels and sangria if anybody's wondering. ;o)

    1. I'm so happy that you like him Jenn, but I'm not sure I'd want to kiss him....but each to their own, I suppose. ;D
      Actually I wish I hadn't tangled his tummy but there you go...I'm happy really. I'm going to do a black and white version for my card collection next. If he's a good seller who knows I might even kiss him.
      By the way, if he turns into a handsome prince....get in line girl 'cos I'll be in the front of the queue!

      I knew I liked you're Mum. She obviously has good taste! I'm happy to say I don't have an allergy to any drink! Hic!
      But I can't believe you can have wine sitting in the cabinet for years and not just to improve the taste! I'm on my way....red or white...I don't mind :D

      Have a Fantastic Friday...when it gets to you xoxo
      p.s. is it my turn to go to the bar? I'm not sure I like the sound of fuzzy navels...does that include fluff?
      I have to confess I had to look up the ingredients. ;D

  3. Aww, he is so cute. I love frogs, we finally got some green tree frogs back after all that rain we had this year. Your froggy looks so happy sitting on his lily pad. The colours are fabulous, inktense I assume and as always he is beautifully zentangled.
    Your weather is pretty freaky at the moment, hailstorms at this time of year?? Your temp says it's only 8 deg right now, eewwww, we are 17 and I'm in two jumpers!! I bet you have the heating on and you're nice and cosy, not that I'm jealous or anything :)

    1. You guessed it Von...inktense pencils!
      Having your very own tree frogs in the garden...now that sounds cool. I guess we're too cold for them here :$

      Yep the heating is on plus the fire and we're lovely and toasty...Mmm... :D

  4. Great entry for both APR and IA. I never would have thought of a lime green frog but it works so well. I think the pink water lily is the perfect accent.


    1. Thanks Darla,
      I don't know why I thought about a lime green frog but there you go...that's my mind for you ;D
      Have a fantastic Friday ~ enjoy!

  5. such a handsome frog, I love it!

    1. Needeep....needeep!
      Thanks Laurie, it was fun and I suppose that's what matters.
      Have a fantastic Friday and a great weekend...hopefully with you're new man soon! Good Luck ;D

  6. Hi Neesie, what springs to mind? Have you been reading my mind? A package has just arrived with my Mermaid (turquoise) and Limelight (lime) Fresco Finish paint!! How spooky is that.........anyway your frog is wonderful and love the lily pad and water lily too. So glad you entered a challenge with this, I am predicting a win with this beauty. Surprise, surprise, we are having Summer this week in the UK. I find it hard to feel sorry for you with your weather since you get so much great weather, but I do hope the rain etc. goes away soon. Crfty hugs, Anne x

    1. Well how spooky is that Anne? Your Mermaid sounds great...I'll look forward to seeing that soon.
      I don't think there's a winner for these particular challenges but it's good to enter as it keeps you stretches and keeps you focused.
      I certainly don't begrudge you having lovely weather especially when all the world is watching. We're sitting here watching the long distance swim but we just missed out on a medal :(
      After 10 years of draught here I don't think anyone should complain...the trees and plants certainly aren't!
      I hope you're feeling better today.
      Have a fantastic Friday! xoxo

  7. Well I think Mr Froggy turned out pretty darned cute! If I was a frogette I would be enamoured of his lovely decoration and want to share his lily pad with him. But as I'm not a frogette, I will admire him and move along ;0)
    ps - had to scrap my second attempt this morning as when I got up I realised I had used another shade of green instead of turquoise!.....noooo!:0( I HATE artificial light sO much!
    Hope you slept well and have a good day :0) x

    1. A frogette! LOL
      I think he is rather handsome though...in a froggy kind of way.
      Oh what a shame about your colours...it's still the same light here today (dismal) but at least it's not raining ~ yet!
      I did sleep well thank you, although not for long...late night watching Olympics and then hubby up at 5ish to watch his football team. Typical one up...all up in this house!
      He did make me a cuppa but I'm not sure I really wanted it at 5.15...6 or 7.15 would have been better.
      That's the downfall of living on the other side of the world I
      I'll be doing some visiting later today so pop the kettle on...
      Enjoy your day! :D

  8. neesie - your frog is adorable! i love him! look at him just sitting on that lily pad - haha! i think it's great!

    1. Thanks Alice, I enjoyed drawing him and it's the first time I've added the colour so had lots of fun.
      Still a steep learning curve but an enjoyable one and that's what counts!
      Have a fabulous Friday and thanks for stopping by :D

  9. Oh Neesie, I love the little guy! They serenade me everynight from the creek out behind my place and I admit I love frog art! lol Your work is awesome as usual! oh...I'm heading to the beach next week, I'll be sure and think about you while I'm sipping a frozen drink and staring off into the sea! Come join me ;) waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

    1. Hehe thanks Sandee,
      Maybe if you kiss one of the little frogs he might turn into a serenading Prince! Just a thought ;D
      Now Sandee....do I really want to know you're heading off to the beach!!! Sipping frozen drink and sea staring...ahhhh...bliss!
      OH...I can come to...YAY!
      Hang on I'm just trying to find my bucket and spade! Be right with you :D

  10. Your froggy guy is just so charming and I love the tangles. I like his filled-in tummy otherwise he might look like just tatooed 'arms'. ha! Jenn cracked me up with her tatooed prince idea! :) As for fave drinks? NOT GnT (not a big fan of gin); we keep a pitcher of Long Island Ice tea in the fridge so it's ready when we are....so you don't have to look it up it has tequila, rum, vodka, gin, triple sec, lemon juice and a little cola, poured over ice so it's nice and cold (though after drinking one you'll be nice and warm!) and if made properly it's so smooth and tastes a little like tea. Yum!

    1. That's exactly what I thought Terrie...and I'm not a fan of totally covered tat arms! The odd one is okay, although if my son is reading this....I DON'T LIKE ANY...and no you can't until you leave my house! You came into it without a blemish and that's the way you'll leave it!!!
      Sorry about that....
      I never had to worry on that score with my daughter because she had a needle phobia (thankfully not anymore) but I fear my son wants his beloved football team logo somewhere on his body!

      Now to serious business even though it's before breakfast...that Long Island tea sounds just my kinda cuppa!
      I'm definitely going to have to perfect those. They sound wonderful and perfect for sitting in the fridge. Not sure how long it would be there? Perfect for this summer entertaining (whenever summer it comes) :D
      Thanks for popping by and leaving a great comment (and yummy recipe) Have a fantastic Friday and great weekend ;D

  11. That frog is so cute, I will even consider kissing him! But I am not in need of a(nother) prince, so I guess I will hold off:-) Very well done. The water too - I just cannot do water!

    1. Oh now that's what I should have said...just in case my prince reads this!
      I'm thrilled to read your lovely comment Minnemie. I still feel I really have soooooooooooo much to learn but thankful that at least I'm having a go ;D
      It's when I see your work and others that I realise it's going to be quite a journey!
      Have a wonderful weekend whatever you get up to...have fun! :D

  12. I don't know what is more fun, Neesie, reading the comments and your replies or staring into those froggie eyes!!! Your use of the colours is just gorgeous, I think. I think I've "hopped" onto a fun group here at APR. Thanks for your generous sharing of your BEautimous work!!

    1. What a giggle Currie...you do realise you wrote in rhyme?
      I'm so glad to hear that you are liking the APR group...Jenn is so lovely and all the gang are a great bunch.
      Brilliantly talented, encouraging and inspiring. I'm sure you are going to love it. ;D

      Thanks for popping by my place....have a great weekend :D

  13. Wow Neesie..magnificent..your frog is exquisite..gorgeous and enchanting..what a beautiful soul !! and such a gorgeous piece for APR challenge.

    1. Oh now you're making me blush Victoria....you say the nicest things!
      Thank you so much ;D
      I really enjoyed playing with the Inktense pencils this week...I just need to keep practicing.
      Have a fantastic weekend whatever you get up to :D

  14. I would never delete one of your comments, I'd get in trouble if I did with you checking on me and all!! lol ((hugs)), so sorry, I have no idea what happened! :( waving ( not deleting ) from the hills of North Carolina :p

    1. LOL...I know you're much too nice to do something like that Sandee ;D
      It's obviously my dashing brain and runaway fingers...I really should slow down, but I'm trying to visit the Artist Playroom, Inspiration Avenue and the WOYWWer's all before I head off out for breakfast! I've also got to get and write a none arty post for later!
      Diddledee dee, diddledee dee.... :D
      Have fun in the sun!

  15. Just love your tangled frog. You are so creative and make it look so simple, Good use of the lime you dislike on the cute cute cute froggie!

    1. Hi Gloria,
      I have to say I did have fun drawing him. I'm going to redraw and zentangle him without colour to join my other 'tangle card designs.
      Thanks for popping by...enjoy your weekend and guess what? The sun's come out to play here! Yay! ;D

  16. I love, love, love your frog, Neesie. She's beautiful, and that dash of pink in the flower is just perfect. I can't wait to see what you do in your new art journal!

    1. Hehe...how funny is that Arnoldo...because you see the frog as a female but all the ladies see it as a potential prince! ;D
      Thanks for such lovely compliments. I'm a little intimidated by the blank white pages of the journal at the moment.
      That first page has to be a good one...I could be waiting some time?
      Thanks for popping over ~ enjoy your weekend :D

  17. Lovely APR/IA challenge. This cool piece is proof that you should always go with the idea that comes to you...it is so well done!

    1. Thanks for your kind comment.
      I've just spent this afternoon drawing another frog but this time without colour and lots more zentangles...and surprise surprise...I like it!
      Thanks for popping over to my place.
      Have a wonderful weekend ~ whatever you get up to :D

  18. So happy you've played with us at Inspiration Avenue this week! I love your tangled frog ~ all dressed up and ready for a kiss from a beautiful princess :) I just love his toes and the expression on his face!

    1. Thanks Magpie....just seeing you're name I wonder if you've seen my 'tangled magpie (here's the link just in case you haven't
      I could have entered so many entries for this weeks Inspiration Avenue, with the theme being zentangles but I wanted to include the frog so that I covered two challenges at once (Artist Play Room).
      I finished drawing another frog yesterday and tangled him but this time kept it black and white. I'm pleased with how it turned out ;D
      I liked his twinkle toes too (lol)
      Thanks for stopping by...have a super Sunday ~ enjoy! :D

  19. A zentangle frog, I love it! Great details, I'm glad you're feeling inspired again. Definitely check out the Twinkling H2O's, I love them, and they last forever, and now come in so many colors. Luminarte makes them.

    1. I'm loving being inspired again...12 years was an incredibly long time to go without doing anything arty!
      Thanks Barb for the info on the Twinkling H20's. I'll certainly have a look into them.
      There's such an amazing amount of supplies and techniques out there now...and I've got so much to catch up on. :$
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting...I love to have visitors!
      Enjoy your Sunday :D

  20. Love the frog and I kind of think he he turns into a tattooed Prince I would kind of throw him back... unless he was Robbie Williams, for some reason he is more than acceptable... I am with you on he G and T with lime... I make lime juice ice cubes for summer and love a nice tall glass of it in the summer... that is when I know we are warm and Summer is here...
    was wondering what you are reading at the moment??? Anything good???

    1. Isn't that weird because as I read your comment Robbie Williams is on the radio!
      He is a cheeky chappie isn't he...definitely something there ;D Although sadly I'm old enough to be his mother...I'll just have to stick with George Timothy Clooney...(oh I wish ~ sigh)

      Now where were we....ah yes...GnT's! Things just get better eh?
      Hey the suns shining here and it's 15 degrees! Positively tropical.
      I finally finished 'The Seamstress' and enjoyed it, although it took me far too long to read. I normally eat books but something else seems to have taken my attention lately. ;D

      I've just started 'The Meaning of Grace' by Deborah Forster which although it's early days looks like it's going to be a good read. It's a powerful, emotional and impressive debut novel.
      I've got about 8 books lined up so if this one doesn't appeal, I'll give you another selection ;D

      I nipped over to you earlier this morning but didn't have time to comment...I'll be back later so pop that kettle on girl! :D

  21. so so precious. I love your little frog and all the tangles on his legs. What a great idea!

    1. Thanks Jessica, I had fun drawing and painting him.
      I've actually redone a similar one in just black ink which looks great. He'll join my card collection soon ;D
      Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.


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