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Friday, 3 August 2012

Artist Play Room ~ 'The Series'

When reading Jenn's announcement that this weeks Artists Play Room theme would be 'In Series' it just happened to coincide with whilst I was sitting watching the Olympic Games and poof there it was 'the series' right before my eyes! 
Five circles, five venues, five icons from those countries and five dates!
Now I have to explain before you carry on that I pushed myself to try to be loose this week...but I fear I was so loose I virtually came undone!
I'm not going to say anything negative at all this week because I promised Jenn that I wouldn't do that...and I am aware that it can get very tiresome for anyone visiting, plus there's always the thought that the person moaning is just fishing for compliments...but trust me...I'm not...whoops I nearly slipped into pulling this piece to pieces...wooooh there!
Phewph that was close...so there you have it...my contribution to this week's challenge. ZIP!

The fact that Britain currently holds 5 Gold Medals is purely coincidental...maybe I should draw 50 circles and see what happens!
I'm hoping that I don't get into trouble for using the Olympic rings because I've heard some incredible tales...like the poor Granny who was knitting dolls clothes with the ring design on them, to sell for the church charity...she was told she could be prosecuted if she carried on...or the florist that put floral coloured rings in their shop window! Has the world gone mad?

Why not pop over to Jenn's place to check out all the other fantastic talented artists.....I'm sure you'll be in for a real treat! ;D
Meanwhile I'm heading back to my comfort zone and finish my Kookaburra and a new design that I am actually thrilled with...more about that another time!
Have a wonderful weekend no matter what you get up to and let's hope that sun shines :D


  1. I had no idea they were being such poops about people using the symbol!! You'd think they'd want the participation and free advertising--duh! That's just craziness. I love your version and there's no reason to tear it apart at all. Looking good! :):)

    1. Craziness indeed Rita. I couldn't believe it when I heard about it.
      Well I'm not selling anything so hopefully I'll be safe from prosecution! :$
      I'm still keeping stum about it...there's no way I'm going back on my promise to Jenn...but between you and me...I could write a book really!!! ;D

  2. Well, how clever are you Neesie. This is superb and I promise to visit you in jail, if it goes that far :) You really put a lot of thought into this and I love it. Your panda is so cute and I love Big Ben but have to be patriotic and say Sydney is the best (even if we only have one gold medal). I know you like your cup of tea but I will turn you into a coffee lover yet!! :)

    1. If you're going to visit me Von could you please bring lots of chocolate and TEA please ;D
      I concentrated more on the concept this week than the execution. I think I made a mistake but I can't really say as Jenn might be listening...it's a little negative but only a little so in a hushed voice...I think I should have done the Great Wall of China instead of the Panda, because all the others icons are landmarks. I'm right aren't I? But there was no way I was going to start again! I'm a whole day earlier entering so I'm thrilled about that.
      I can understand you picking Sydney, but is that right...you only have ONE gold medal ;D (MMmwwwwahhhhh ~ evil laugh) Shame!

      Moving on swiftly...I used to drink black coffee but when I became pregnant for the first time, I just couldn't go near and I've never really gone back to it. I can have the odd one now but only the odd one, but I do love to smell it brewing! Does that make you feel better ;D

    2. I think the panda was the perfect choice. Just cos the others were landmarks doesn't mean they all have to be and the panda is so much cuter than a boring old wall.
      What's this 'you' only have one gold medal, don't tell me you are going for Great Britain!! You live in Aus now and you should be following Aus, even if we are losing :( he he.

      Having black coffee explains why you don't like it now. I have mine white with two sugars, it tastes so much better that way. Guess I will bring the tea bags if I ever get down that way (will have to be in summer).

    3. LOL...couldn't resist that remark and I knew someone would bite the bait!!! ;D
      I have no choice in following Aus here because most of the tv coverage only shows events that have the Aus team entered!!! (wow I'd better back off here before I lose a friend...)
      Anyway us Brits have been waiting years and years for something like this! It's our moment ~ we have to make the most of it, because it might not come again.
      I'm so proud of the Games in general and how they are being presented so far...it's really good to see some positive interaction between so many nations. Wouldn't the world be a better place if it overflowed into every day life. ;D
      Have a brilliant productive week Von...probably catch up with you later in the week. xox
      p.s. (cough) We've got 16 Gold medals now by the way...just to keep you up to date :D LOL

  3. HEY, you promised me no negativity but I didn't AGREE!! I told you I love to hear however an artist feels about their work, pour out the feelings, it's never just whining, it's just emotions, we artists are very emotional folk. So, hehehe, don't blame ME that you want to stay mum, I"M begging to hear it all!!! Hey, you can even beg for compliments, although there's no need to beg as I always love your work. This is so appropriate and adorable to boot. I especially like the panda, although all the drawings are wonderful. Now, there, do you feel better?? Hmmm, maybe this IS a chocolate and tea moment, we all have them, even when our art rocks. Silly girl.
    Much love,

    1. Sorry Jenn, you're totally right and I'm sorry if it came across that you were part of my promise...I just made the promise to you because I felt I was constantly moaning about my work!
      I know that you strongly advocate artists expressing themselves...and you hit the nail on the head when you said we are an emotional lot!
      I'll spare my whinges on this week's work because my main emphasise went into the idea and I was thrilled with that. Also I was happy with the fact that I was ready to post to you two days earlier than normal, although I could have redrawn it with having the extra time...but I didn't.
      I've been analysing my efforts and know how differently I'd do it again. The main point was to try and loosen up a little, hence not even using a template for the circles! Scary stuff! ;D
      Thanks once again for pushing and challenging me. Even though it's scary I love it! :D
      Have a wonderful weekend and bring on the APR theme! xoxo

  4. This is very cleverly topical Neesie, great thinking! Fab drawings as always and I love the colour flares around the rings. Brits could win medals at being negative, but I don't think you are, you just like to play devils advocate ;)
    I Hope you enjoyed seeing the 'real' medals won yesterday. Fingers crossed there are lots more in the next week too. Have a great weekend :0)

    1. Thanks TwinkleToes2day,
      I was very happy with the idea which came to me really in the week...I was sitting watching the games and mentioned that something topical to do with them would be good and my son immediately suggested 'the rings'.
      I find that once I finish these challenges I want to redo them as they evolve in my mind...but I suppose that happens with us all. ;D
      Loving the look of the medal table! It's very strange how it's gone very quiet here, now that the Brit's have overtaken the Aussies. LOL
      Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by. :D

  5. I think this is a great solution... and love the drawings of the buildings... lots of skills there... they look great... xx

    1. Thanks Trace...I think I'd have preferred to use a few more of my dishes, saucers or glasses for the rings like I did on my first sketch but then I thought...no let's get loose!
      Wish I hadn't listened to my inner voice now and stuck with a template! They look like I've been on the loosey juice! ;D
      Have a wonderful weekend whatever you get up to and let's hope that sun shines :D

  6. Hi Neesie, you would never need to beg for any compliments, this piece is amaZing! How clever are you, I do wish I was close enough to pop in for a cup of tea as I would love to see your work 'up close and personal' as they say. Yes, it is a shame about the use of the symbols but I think it is only where it is being used to promote sales or imply an official connection - apparently it the same at every Olympics and the rules come from the IOC (I could be wrong of course). I was gutted that our lady cyclists got relegated yesterday (and the Chinese later) but I guess 'them's the rules' - hope you have a happy day today! Crafty hugs, Anne x

    1. Hey Anne, yeah just pop in anytime for a cuppa...it's only 12,000 miles...not far at all! ;D
      It would be great to have you see my stuff personally, because it never looks the same in photos or scanned as 'in the flesh'!

      We're looking amazing on that medal table eh? It looks like it's going to be a very good Olympics for the UK on every level. Fourth on the medal table is incredible...let's hope we can keep it going into this next week.
      It's great to see all the support and buzz about the place, plus I'm getting a real home fix. I feel I've had a mini visit!

      Have a wonderful weekend and let's hope more medals come our way :D

  7. you are so funny with your worries :)
    "no worries" dahling
    this is a fun piece

    too bad about what the world is coming to though
    did you know the happy birthday song is copyrighted and the lady who wrote it can collect royalties if it is sung publicly?

    1. Gosh Kimmie I must owe that lady thousands from over the years that we've sung 'Happy Birthday'. That's incredible!
      Thanks for your 'no worries' I appreciate your comment :D
      Have a wonderful weekend ~ enjoy yourself no matter what you get up to. xox

  8. Wonderful take on the challenge, Neesie!!! Love it!!! It doesn't surprise me about the threat of prosecution because, yes, the world HAS gone mad!!! Nowadays, it's all focused on ownership and power. :(

    Would you believe I haven't even watched any of the Olympics?! I can't help that I've just never been a sports fan. I used to hate participating in school sports. I'd rather watch other stuff. :)

    1. How right you are Serena ~ it does feel like ownership and power come too much to the fore sometimes.

      I can understand if you're not into the Olympics...but we've always been a sporty family, plus it's great for us to see all the happenings whilst being here in the Land of Oz.
      It feels like we're visiting and I'm really proud of the job that everyone is doing...not only the athletes but the supporters, organisers, volunteers and even the Queen to take such an active role in the Opening Ceremony (if you didn't watch it then you won't know what I'm on about...but she played a role with James Bond (;D) and skydived into the stadium on a trip wire!) Not bad for her age eh?
      Thanks for your lovely comment again. I was pleased with the idea for the challenge but not so much of the execution.

      Enjoy your weekend whatever you get up to. Have fun! :D

  9. What a cool idea, Neesie. I love all your silhouettes. As long as you don't intend to sell this piece, I believe you should be OK. It's any kind of profiting from their design that they frown upon...I hope. :/. If not, maybe we can bail you out through the Artists Playroom gang. LOL! Have a great weekend.

    1. Arnoldo....trust me I have no intention of selling this design or profiting from it! Not that anyone would want to buy it LOL!
      But what a kind gesture to bail me out...Bless! ;D
      Have a wonderful weekend too! :D

  10. I'm loving the Olympics Neesie- glued to the tv every night!! I'm knitting my way through the time trials and the finals!! Your little creation is cute--- that's quite a story about the rings-- there is no sense in them being so uppity!!

    1. Me too Vicki...I can imagine if I was knitting watching I'd be dropping a few stitches! Do you knit quicker on the time trials I wonder? ;D
      It was another fantabulous day yesterday...I can't get over how brilliant GB are doing!
      It's all very quiet here in the land of Oz...no-one seems to want to discuss the medal table. :$
      Have a great Sunday ~ enjoy xox

  11. Neesie, I just love your rings and I have enJOYed reading the conversation here, too, VERY MUCH. I am an Olympics lover but alas with no television subscription I only get to see the wee bits in highlights. I have lived sans television, radio, newspaper, and magazines for the last 3 years and it's amazing how different it is. Once in awhile it feels like I am in a bubble, but really, I like it so much better this way.

    The thing about the rings and copyrights and such is a bit silly, frankly, but we're a World in flux and transition. So much that is GOOD in Life Now is a result of what is called "open source" which is ultimately what we're all practising here!! well, in my mind anyway!!

    This piece you have created, while you say you find much to improve upon in it, is certainly NOT using it for profit, and in fact, you might ACTUALLY BE on to something... Wouldn't Life BE so much less without those who have new ideas and take the risk of acting on them?! This is all I think you've done, taken the rings and made them into a whole new idea.

    Carry on and DO cheer those Olympians on a little extra for me, too, won't you?! Thanks for introducing me to YOU on my "maiden voyage" with Gracie. Have a spectaculicious day and BE well!!

    1. Hello Currie, great to have you visit my space especially when you leave such lovely comments ;D
      I will certainly carry on cheering and will add an extra ummph for you, although I have to say I' m not too amused this morning.
      My hubby decided to check what was happening at 5.30am this morning (Sunday) on his blackberry which woke me...then because I was awake he proceeded to tell me all the news! It was a good job it was all great news to hear!
      I loved meeting Gracie and hope your 'maiden voyage' was a success :D
      Have a super Sunday ~ enjoy! ;D

  12. Really neat depiction of the symbols for the five nations. What a creative idea. A lot of work, too. I especially love the Rio symbol.

    1. Hi Gloria,
      Well I loved the concept too and would possibly have loved the finish product if I'd have redone it.
      I certainly learn something each time I do a design, as I suppose we all do. I just didn't want to post at the last minute yet again so thought because my whole idea this week was to be loose, I'd just let it be. ;D
      Thanks for popping by...I hope you're having a fantastic weekend whatever you get up to :D

  13. I was immensely impressed with your drawings and your treatment of this week's challenge. You show such talent and ingenuity. Beautiful symbolism, too.

    1. Oh thank you so much for your lovely comment Elizabeth...I really appreciate it. In fact I may even be blushing a little ;D
      Enjoy your Sunday ~ have fun!

  14. Oh Neesie, Neesie, Neesie... I laughed at the smiley with the zipper mouth. You are an incredible artist! There are times when the challenges are posted and I think, "How the "H" am I gonna pull this one off?" because there is sooooo much talent in the group. :) I love the concept and how you drew something iconic inside each one where they were held. Brilliant!! Warmly, Tracy

    1. I liked that bit too...my hubby and son would love me to have one of those, I'm sure! LOL
      I think the challenges are indeed challenges for each of us at different times and for different reasons. That's what makes it so much fun, but also stretches us artistically.
      The fact that everyone is so supportive is wonderful and even if we don't particularly like our own finished piece, it's still okay to show the work because we all take something away from seeing each other's art. ;D
      Thanks so much for popping over and leaving such a lovely comment. I really appreciate it.
      Let's hope this week is a great productive week and the sun shines! xox

  15. Love the rings with their dates and symbollic drawings. The world of litigation is both scary and mad I reckon. I can't believe we have lost our civility to the degree we have.
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my flowers post. Will watch for yours with great interest.
    Have a great week.

    1. Hi Ros,
      I think you might be right...I couldn't believe the poor Granny not being able to knit for charity, I have to say!
      I decided to post a Daybook entry today instead of the flower post because I want to get on drawing. The flower post might take some time to set up but I'll get there.
      I'm just trying to prioritize my time :}
      We're looking good here today ~ sun shining beautifully. Fingers crossed it stays. xox

  16. Wow - talk about using the inspiration right in front of our faces! And you accomplished it so brilliantly. Very well done - a creative use of the rings and I love your center fills. Sorry I'm SO late getting 'round to the APR posts....

    1. Hi Terrie, don't worry about being late visiting me...I'm just happy to see you ;D
      I was really happy with the idea, but as usual the completing didn't go as well as I would have liked. I really should have redone it and used this one as a draft. Oh hum...

      Have a great week and let's hope it's a productive one :D


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