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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Sieze the Day....

I'm always amazed when wandering around the house in the middle of the night, that I can reach out for a door handle, that I can't actually see and just find it there...just at the right height and angle ready to fit my hand.
It's especially surprising when you think about how many houses and door handles I've lived with over my many years of travelling.

If only I could reach out so easily and capture my goals....
Do you have any goals just waiting for you to seize?..
Let's try to grab one today!


  1. Lol I'm the opposite I trip over thin air and spend ages feeling around and end up fumbling my way to the light, even resorting to using the light from my phone to find the light switch so that I can find the door handle! As to my goals today - I'll keep it simple, I'm going to relax and chill, maybe colour maybe make something but that's it for me today. If I can get to bedtime and feel ok that'll be a goal achieved :0) Take care Zo xx

    1. What a giggle Zo :D
      I had such a vision there for a moment...hehe...
      I can't put a light on because if I did I'd never get back to sleep again!
      I really wish you well in achieving your goal today. Take care ;D

  2. Hi Neesie, my goals are set by the day, I dare not go further than that, my goal for today was to run a mini workshop - and I did!! I am like you in the night, I think I have night vision or something as I always know where the door handle is too........A x

    1. Wow Anne, well that's quite a goal to achieve. You must be really pleased.
      Night vision is a good description!
      I hope you continue reaching your goals...take care

  3. Would probably be easier if all our goals were at just the right height--LOL! ;)

    I wander to the bathroom in the dark without my glasses and know where everything is to reach and sidestep. Of course the night light in the bathroom helps. ;)

    1. Oh now there's a thought Rita, that would make it all so much easier wouldn't it...but there again they wouldn't be as sweet when we reach them!
      Have a great day :D

  4. What an amazing early morning vision I have here - your morning that is - 7.30am. Quite chilly tho' at only 6degrees, but it looks dry, though breezy, Fine for getting your washing out and dried :0)

    A very thoughtful post - I too am happy in the dark in my home - in fact I often 'see' to my wee one in the dark too - much easier on both our eyes. It is 10.30pm here and quite dark outside. It has been a mixed weather day, but my goal of getting my washing dried were achieved, as was my goal of visiting a local tourist attraction that has recently been re-opened after many years, to the public - 96 spiral steps up a tower dedicated to Admiral Lord Nelson. Very interesting. Amazing sights from the top.
    Have a great day Neesie :0)

    1. You have it in a nutshell there...and now the sun's beginning to appear ;D
      There's nothing better than getting the washing out and dry in a day. I love the smell of fresh laundry too...although that's possibly a little too much information.
      Well done you for climbing 96 spiral steps...I bet the view was fantastic...hopefully you took your camera???
      You have a great day too :D

  5. I always resist putting the lights on for as long as possible (if I'm not crafting on a grim rainy day like today that is)... much prefer even gloomy daylight to the artificial sort, so perhaps that helps train my eyes and other senses to deal with "seeing" in the dark. Though that door handle thing is knowledge built into the body in some way, I always feel... if you think about it too hard, then you can't find it! Lovely post... happy WOYWW.
    Alison x


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